Joshua Tree National Park~


Just arrived at Joshua Tree National Park and I had to fire you a few preliminary shots! (Please click to enlarge!)


The geological formations here formed over 100 million years ago. The outcrops of rock are called Monadnocks.


Joshua Trees are native to the south-western United States and live mainly in the Mojave Desert where the National Park is located.


The geological formations in the park are some of the most interesting in California.


I have lived within a three hours drive of this place all my life and have never been here. Obviously, having gotten my first look today, I can not imagine why I never came here before! It is gorgeous!!


Joshua Trees scientific name is Yucca Brevifolia and it is a member of the Yucca family.


They are blooming now and I’ll show you this beautiful sight soon. There are lots of plants here I have never seen before and I will show them to you soon too!


I named this formation the dinosaurs spine because this is just what it looks like to me!

Cheers & more to you soon from this amazing place! I am jazzed to be here!

100 thoughts on “Joshua Tree National Park~

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  2. Those rock formations are beautiful and the plants exotic! I love the Dinosaur spine! That’s exactly what it looks like to me too! Pretty kewl. Hugz Lisa and Bear

    1. Yes the Joshua Tree has dagger like leaves over eight inches long!! The rocks are formed by geological action in the earth, many millions of years ago!
      Cheers to you my friend!

  3. This posted great! Nice photos. I saw something like this while driving from Tucson to Las Vegas. It was not as striking but did have some trees that looked like yours and the rocks had been worn away like yours also. However, like I said, they caught my eye but were not as striking and beautiful as in the park.

  4. Amazing place. ‘Joshua Tree’ – now I can’t get that wretched ‘I still haven’t found what I’m looking for’ out of my head. (Our son is proposing this as the ‘first dance’ song after his wedding next year… I hope he’s joking, may not be LOL so much as *cry face*!). RH

    1. Good for you! It is a magical place, with so much to explore, especially when you move off the main road!! We’ll be coming back and back to see each season! Cheers Gary!

  5. Like you Cindy, it took years for me to get into Joshua. It seemed I was always driving by it on my way somewhere else. And when I finally got there, I started kicking myself for not being there sooner. πŸ™‚ The rock formations are fantastic, or maybe I should say fantasy-like. And when the desert starts to bloom, it becomes a world of color that begs to be seen. Great photos. –Curt

    1. That is exactly my experience Curt, you drive through it on the 10 and think ho-hum. Finally, after deciding to drive IN it, the whole scene changes so remarkably. At least I have finally found it! Glad you did too!!! No wonder it is a National Park!

  6. acl1967

    I love this place. The spiritual energy of the land is amazing. I was there in March 2012 in the first snow storm in decades. We walked to Skull Rock in a complete blizzard!

      1. acl1967

        I found the vegetation of the desert, its resilience, so inspiring. There’s something about the lighting too. I must go back someday.

  7. I was just there this March, for the first time. THanks for taking me back with you…the beauty of the desert is amazing. I had NO idea. And the whimsy of the “Seussical trees” takes my breath away. Mother nature has a sense of humour, doesn’t she??? ;oP

  8. For first beautiful photos Cindy and how particular is the Mojave desert with all those rocks/stones (it looks like a lot of people who are standing all on together) and the dinosaurs spine, so wonderful ! πŸ™‚

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