Winter Holidays: Holler Style!

Photo taken Golden, BC Canada.

(Click to enlarge to take it all in best!)

I wish I drove this home to The Holler and parked it in the lower field. It would fit right in here and we could use the tractor too. No need for the snow chains though. I wonder where the owner drives this mobile in the winter time? Probably anywhere he/she wants? It would be a sight on a snowy road!
Cheers to you from The Holler even though I’m bummed I didn’t make an offer~

52 thoughts on “Winter Holidays: Holler Style!

    1. Yes, but can you imagine driving it in Golden with daytime temps below freezing and massive amounts of snow. The driver would need to make short trips and wear some ear muffs!!! lol~

  1. Just for a minute I thought you were going Canadian Gypsy on us, Cindy. This would be so fun to have as a “hideout” to visit nature from, as you said, somewhere out in the fields. Neat stuff !

  2. Always appreciate those small RVs. 🙂 I am sitting here in my 22 foot van in a campground next to Pt. Reyes. I suspect it has a few more amenities than the one you featured. –Curt

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