The Romance of the Rails~


I hear the train a comin’
it’s rolling round the bend,

and I ain’t seen the sunshine,
since I don’t know when.


(click to enlarge and see the antique dining cars)

I bet their’s rich folks eatin’
in a fancy dining car.


They’re probably drinking coffee,
and smoking big cigars.


But those people keep on movin,
and that’s what tortures me.


Well, if they freed me from this prison,
if that railroad train was mine,

I’d let that lonesome whistle,
blow my blues away.

For JD and everyone who hears the call of the tracks~

Lyrics: Folsom Prison Blues- Johnny Cash

64 thoughts on “The Romance of the Rails~

    • Oh what an amazing adventure!! Great photos too……course the bug bites weren’t so fun! We want to take the train to see the polar bears in Canada, maybe in 2015. We’re doing the entire Glacier Express in Switzerland next year. Love the Swiss trains~


  1. Great photos! I was just at the Illinois Railway Museum last weekend. I Toooootally love trains. My grandfather had his whole basement turned into a mini train village. Great childhood memories!


  2. Shadows of a bygone era… Such a shame because this was such a wonderfully comfortable way to travel…, no worry, no hurry, and you got to see so much along the way. Trains took you to places that cars still can’t go, to sights you can see no other way (except hike in). Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics, Cuz. Great post !


  3. Trains are a joy of human invention–always luring me into their story. We have a train that still runs through our town, and it’s par of our small-town (albeit, university) culture. Graffiti-ed trains are a visual treat, and even when we have to stop for them, we’re entertained. Enjoyed your post.


  4. These photos make me really want to try the train. πŸ˜€
    (I have never traveled on a train, sub-way does not count, does it?)


    • Well, we’re going to do The Glacier Express which will almost two weeks riding Swiss trains through The Alps!! Tony Judt said he envisions heaven as a Swiss train ride through the Alps!


    • Can you imagine those dining cars in their heydey! Each was private owned and appointed. The silver service is still in them!! Cheers to you my friend and the wolfchild too of course~


  5. There really is something romantic about riding the rails. I love this post Cindy because I love the trains and Johnny Cash and the song. You always manage to touch a heartstring.


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