Wildlife Jasper National Park: Pt. I

What to do when a bull moose walks right by you and you are in the middle of the wilderness? Back up slowly and take a pic….

or four! He got into some tussles with small pine trees, that looked rather aggressive, but I think he was just scratching his antlers. (I’ll post them if you want to see them)

Here is a sweet-faced peaceful lady elk. I was taking her pic from fairly close by, and she was unperturbed.

DSC04309 (1)

DSC04307 (1)
When all of a sudden there was this helacious din, that sounded something like a dinosaur. It is elk mating season in Jasper National Park, and I was right in the path of Sammy the suitor and his intended. No matter to him that his mating path was right in front of our cabin! He ran up to his intended, and saw me in his way….(Male elk in rut are somewhat deranged and can be quite dangerous, especially if you are in the way of true romance!)

DSC04375 (1)
He lowered his antlers at me in a most un-friendly manner…

DSC04377 (1)
And bugled at me loud enough to wake the dead! You can see him bugling at me in the lower pic.
I got the message and backed away! Letting true love take its course.

The males are out bugling in front of our cabin every night and it is most exciting! I run out with a flashlight catching glimpses of them.
DSC04378 (1)

Male Mule Deer are Everywhere.


And then, of course there are the irrepressible, highly entertaining red squirrels. They like to camaflouge themselves so sneakily as water faucets……
DSC04366 (1)

This particular guy has amassed a pile of pine cones 12″ x 12″ round and at least as high! He’s not going hungry this winter!
DSC04337 (1)

The last moments of fall are lingering in Jasper, but winter winds are already here, snow is covering the mountain peaks, and winter is coming!

Time to pack up the canoes and chairs by the lake until spring tip-toes back next year!
Cheers to you from Jasper NP, nightime temp tonight 26F.

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  1. Reblogged this on At the Table, On my Plate and commented:
    Love the picturesπŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’œsuch beauty and I could almost hear the bugling of these elk beings! I lived in northern Idaho for a time and the moose would come into my yard!! What a truly beautiful experience but as you say it’s their world , we are just visiting!! Thanks so much ❀️

  2. Still think you should be filming for Nat. Geo., Cindy. You have a natural feel for a scene and a wonderful touch with the camera. The pics are great…, all of them. I knew you’d find that moose!!!
    Looks like you’re having a great trip (I’m envious). Take care.

    1. There is no where in Banff or Jasper that I have seen that isn’t magically beautiful, Walk 1/2 mile and there is another lake or pond, or peak or creature. Just so achingly beautiful. Cheers to you~

  3. The first time I saw a moose it was in my back yard in Alaska. I hit the ground I had NO idea what the hell it was because it was a female moose and I had not seen one before! It had a baby so I crawled over to the window and watched. As they moved I felt the ground shake. It was AMAZING the power they have. On the other hand tourists walk up to them like it’s NOTHING lol

    1. Oh what a great story!! Did you see the video of the moose caught in a swing set and the ranger who spoke to it and cut it loose with bolt cutters??? You tube it. It gave me palpations!! Cheers to you Jasmine and you are so lucky to have lived in AK. One of my favorite places~

  4. Looks like you’re enjoying your stay, I’m so glad you were able to come. Great photo’s Cindy. I love that little squirrel on the water faucet. We’ve stayed at Jasper Park Lodge, it’s so pretty in summer. The temps in Edmonton (6 hrs drive) have been cool at night but warm in day. Hope you got some sunshine for your visit.

  5. Yes, snow is on the ground to stay in the upper peaks, it won’t be long before it’s there to stay everywhere. The ski resorts are rubbing their hands with glee. Thanks once again for the beautiful pics. πŸ™‚

  6. Wow Cindy – you were too close for comfort in some of these shots. I’m surprised you weren’t charged! How great was this experience? Love seeing the close-ups and reading about wildlife in their own world. So cool!

  7. I think I would have gone for the camera too.
    The lady elk is lovely.
    The male elk do look a bit intimidating.
    And – that faucet squirel is a cutie πŸ™‚

  8. Dang, everything’s looking all summery and warm in your pictures and then you break the news that the nighttime temps are going to be 26 degrees — brrrrrr! Lol, blanket weather for sure. You do have a lot of great wildlife coming by where you are staying, and it is beautiful country up there! My favorite shot, though, has to be that first picture of the female elk — it is priceless!
    Btw, a little off the subject — I did receive your wonderful poms, and am going to send you a note with more detail; I just wanted to let you know they arrived safely and soundly. Thank you so very much, and I posted about it here: http://becky6259.wordpress.com/2013/09/14/6183/ . Please let me know if you would like me to alter or remove the post and I will be glad to — I really should have asked you before posting it. Loving the poms, and again, thank you so much! I’m really enjoying them!

    1. Oh I am so glad!! I hope they weren’t picked too soon! It is hard to imagine them on the trees at home ripe and splitting now, when it snowed on us today and we were stomping to stay warm at the base of Edith Cavell peak! Have fun with the poms and I am thrilled you got them. They are an acquired taste. Of course you didn’t need to ask to post! Thank you for doing so and hugz to you~

  9. That was a real adventure story. I was holding my breath worrying that you would be attacked by the amorous elk. Your photos are fabulous, including the happy hungry lil squirrel. πŸ™‚

  10. that splash of color to end the post was really eye catching. I did not know male elks “bugled” but how cool that they do. The moose makes Bullwinkle look like a girrrrl…:)

    The squirrel!! From the grand to the tiny, a nice contrast. But also great you kept him just as big as the moose! Since all creatures–great and small–matter. (except for possibly ants…)

    Your work just gets better and better. You are down your own rabbit hole, Cindy, where the world is a much more vivid place.

  11. Wow!. Do be careful sneaking around in the elk and moose’s way. πŸ™‚ When living in Loveland, CO. every Sept. we would go up to Rocky Mountain Nat’l Park to see the elk buggling and the Aspens turning gold. We lived only 34 mi. from the park and could go up so often to Estes Park and RMNP and around Longs Peak (14,000 + ft. elevation) area to see them. I so miss that all after having moved away and out to Nebraska but got all my own pics and memories and mementoes of the great trips and scenery up there. You get to go on so many wonderful trips and vacations. Enjoy them all as I know you do. And we all will keep enjoying your wonderful pics with such incredible professional shots.

    1. Estes Park is gorgeous. I have been right in the middle of massive elk ruts in Yellowstone. It was incredible taking photos and hiding behind trees so as to avoid getting trampled. It must have been wonderful to live so close to the park. Lovely to hear from you Joyce and hope all is well my friend <3

      1. Thank you Cindy. WP all taken care of. Haven’t been posting as often or as regular as before. On a slower pace these days, taking a day at a time. 😊Have a great weekend.

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