Beauty is Truth & Truth Banff!

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DSC04150 (1)


Moraine Lake

Ten Peaks (three of them!)



Upside-down Tree Lake….my name.
Moraine Lake



Paradise River, both shots.

Heading deeper in to the wilderness tomorrow, so I am not sure if there will be internet access. I will check in when I am able. Cheers to you from Canada!

154 thoughts on “Beauty is Truth & Truth Banff!

  1. Lovely pictures once again Cindy. Moraine Lake is fed by glacier water which is why it is so clear. The water is blue when the water is high and the light reflects off the rocks on the bottom. The trails around Lake Louise and Banff are spectacular, but the water is very cold! Glad you’re enjoying your trip and again, thanks for the pictures from “home”. πŸ™‚

    1. Your home country, from coast to coast, is always one of the most beautiful wonders of the world. Such beauty, with nature in charge. Canadians know what is important, and it shows in the protection of these vast, unspoiled spaces. I salute all of you. And am in awe of your country.

    2. I understand the bittersweetness you must feel leaving your home, and moving to another, equally beautiful, but differently so, place. The good news is, you have the best of both worlds my friend. Cheers to you and both your beautiful homes!

    1. Yes, close to heaven here,definitely! In the middle of incredibly vast, dense pine woods, extending for 1000’s of square miles. Humans barely penetrate.
      I hope Heaven is something similar.
      Moose droppings are so good, follow them and guess what you find?
      Yes, heaven can be a wild moose, in a pond, surrounded by, pines and Lurch, mountains, Jim, me, my camera and nothing else.
      Hope we all can find our heaven before we die.

  2. That lake water is like glass — so clear and reflective — what beautiful, stunning shots! Your pictures show that you are having a lovely vacation, and I’m so glad you’re getting to see all this majestic beauty!

    1. So glad and thank you!!
      But did you get the pomegranates??
      I mailed them before I left and I wasn’t sure they were of peak ripeness. I hope you got them and at least had fun experimenting with them.
      Cheers to you and your family, You are all wonderful!

    1. This beauty of nature is given equally to all of us in this world. It is more important than us as individuals, and we must learn as humans to work together to save these natural creations of God from the hostile actions of humans.
      All humans must honor God by protecting his world and all his creations.
      And the only way we can do this is, if we stop fighting each other, and start helping each other.
      If we don’t do this we destroy all of God’s infinite natural creation, including ourselves.
      And He will be disappointed in all of us.

    1. If one has trouble finding out the purpose of life, one needs to spend time far out in the world of nature. Here all things become clarified. Thank you for seeing spirit in action here. I do.

    1. This my dear friend, is a testament, to the inexpressible beauty of the natural world on our planet. It in lies solace, spritual awareness, and the strong sense to try and perserve it. We love in an ethereally beautiful planet. This I know, you know. Hugz to you my friend~

    1. One of the things I have learned over time is that, you can close your eyes, and take yourself anywhere. You can powerfully escape whatever is going on in your current moment and go anywhere you chose. It is a powerful gift of our psychology, and we should make use of it. Transport away…..I’ll be doing it too!!
      Cheers to you and requests that all good things come your way~

  3. My hubby is there too! In Canada, but on business. Should be home tomorrow. I really enjoyed to glass like mirror reflections and the clarity of the lake. Just beautiful!

    Nice blog change too!

  4. these look very 3D–did you do something different? Because I am reeallly getting a foreground, middle-ground, background feel…a very popping technique!

    The reflections are even more spectacular than before!! And the pines look ready for Christmas..:)

    1. It is just the shallowness of the water, the clarity of it, and the beautry surrounding it, that it reflects. I have never seen anything like it. It is the wonder of nature not the camera. Cheer to you my friend and hope all is good with you!

    1. I wonder how many people realize how much their emotional well being is affected by a steady diet of city life. The natural world is a natural soporific. Thank you for the kind words~

  5. I have some catching up to do. I haven’t been on here in quite some time and have missed your beautiful photos. What a fantastic bunch this time, amazing. Can’t wait to see more.

      1. Hi Cindy, I caught a preying Mantis on the inside of my trash can the other day and about to put it up. You are in my territory and I always loved the mountains. Where I am now there are none and it is very hot, we might be considering going back up North soon.

  6. Cindy, often, I listen to classical music while reading blogs I enjoy (like yours). Just as I am going through this particular post of yours, ‘From the New World’ symphony was playing, and the combined experience became breathtaking. Beautiful imagery that rendered me peaceful. Thank you πŸ™‚

    1. Oh how wonderful! Thank you! Sometimes while driving in the forest I have to ask my husband to turn off the classical music, sometimes even Bach and Banff, becomes too much!!
      But classical music and scenes from the beauty of nature are the ultimate form of life appreciation.
      Thank you for the wonderful compliment & cheers!

  7. OMG, paradise on earth! πŸ™‚ Thanx for sharing these amazing pix… I miss Canada, in general and Banff, in particular… we visited it several years ago during our 5 years spent in the US…

  8. I have longed to see Banff, and you have beaten me there, too. I cannot be sorry since you shared the glory. If the pictures are so arresting, I can only imagine how gorgeous it must be surrounding you, with the cool mountain air, and the thin sunlight so far north. Like another world. Someday… Meanwhile, heartfelt thanks for the pictures.

  9. Cindy, all of these BEAUTIFUL photographs are making me wish I was out in the backcountry still.. too bad winter has arrived up in our higher elevations. Your pictures will both get me through the winter/ make me stir crazy that I’m not out there! Wonderful job! πŸ™‚

  10. I have a purple sweat shirt that says BANFF and lovely memories and photos from years ago. Thanks for giving me another postcard moment on a rainy day in PA, my mother’s home.

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    1. You are very kind! Yes, these were posted as we traveled in the fall. September is paradise in Banff and you will be in heaven and see lots of animals and spectacular beauty everywhere! Look forward to reading your posts when you go~

      1. Cindy, thank You for the likes/follow as well! We started to plan a trip in July, but just can’t bear the hordes of tourists…September will be much more to our liking, I think. I sent my husband the link to the pics as well…we just can’t wait!!! I will absolutely be burning up the blogosphere when we go, hoping to get pictures even remotely as good as yours! Cheers!

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