It’s a Curse to be Born Beautiful!

Just ask Penelope. DSC09775
She is so tired of superficial people who only value her for her looks! She is talented and creative. She can give you high-five.
How many other girls can do this? Plus when your built like Penelope, it takes lots of effort to get your paw in the air!
Okay, okay, she wears a pink bow in her hair and pink polish on her toes. But that’s not her fault. How she dresses has nothing to do with this issue. Besides her human makes her wear it. You have to admit, if it was her choice, she’d be rolling in mud. Dang, damn, pink bow…
Being a beauty is such a beast!

Note re: verisimilitude. Penelope is not her real name. I can’t remember her real name. But I met her for a hurried minute in Pismo Beach. Her human seemed lovely, and Penelope was obviously a very loved, very well-behaved poochini. I am besotted with bull dogs and would love to have one some day, but I would let him or her choose their own accessories, within limits of course…… piercings or tattoos until your sixteen, that sort of thing.

Cheers from The Holler.

136 thoughts on “It’s a Curse to be Born Beautiful!

  1. Liebste Cindy wer wird denn da so bâse gucken sag doch dem Hündelein die Sonne scheint was will man mehr ,lach , einen schânen Abend und sei ganz lieb gegrüßt Klaus

      1. But be prepared, now Pepper’s going to start nagging for accessories, You know he’ll whine, “well Penelope has them.” Get ready to take a stand on this or it could get out of control.
        PS- If it does, please post lots and lots of pics. I love it!!!! πŸ™‚

    1. I can just see her trying to scratch off that nail polish and rub off that bow! When I was a child we had a poodle that had to be groomed. When she came from the groomers she always had a bow in her hair and some perfumey stuff sprayed on her. She would immediately roll in the dirt and run intently through the house rubbing her head on all the walls until the bow came off!

      1. Clowie, please forgive. I mistakenly assumed your human had written this comment But I see it is from you. Never fear. Penelope is no competition for you! But to be on the safe, get the human to take you shopping. Some pale lavendar hair bows would make you the biggest Great Pyrnees fashionista ever!! (Don’t tell your human I said this!)

  2. Wonderful post, I know a dog who looks exactly the same, his name is Sam. Most people arer scared of him because he is so fierce looking ~ but he is the gentlest of creatures x

    1. I’d stick to the 16 rule. She can go full bore punk at age 16 as long as she saves her allowance to pay for it. Don’t tell anyone this, but I have always had a yen for Billy Idol and his “rebel yell”……..

  3. She’s beautiful, I think the thing about dogs is that their eyes are so expressive, we can see emotions in them and that’s why they’re always so beautiful to us.

    1. Oh my gosh!! He’s gorgeous. We must not let Penelope work her witchy-wiles on him, with her pink paw nails and all…..he’d be practically defenseless!!!

  4. LOL! Beauty or the Beast is the question. It’s all in the eyes of the beholder, but who could resist this charming girl with or without pink polish and bows?

  5. Is it possible to be more beautiful… I am melting with envy of her owner, and I think pink really suits her. It’s one of the heart brekls of reaching the last stages of life, that there isn;t time to have a bulldog, two Irish wolf hounds, two great danes, another bull mastiff, a long hair dachshund, and a brace of dalmations., as well as my salukis, borzois, afhgans, six cavalier king charles,, boxers, labradors and..the rest that I’ve loved and lost !!!

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