Glorious Song Birds of Julian CA!

The California Quail. All of these birds were photographed during our current three-day trip to Julian California. There are more to come. Julian and the surrounding mountains are incredibly rich in wild bird life
Acorn Woodpecker
American Robin
Lesser Goldfinch

Male House Finch
Black Capped Chickadee?? I am no expert on bird identification, so if I am not correct, I would be most grateful to learn the proper names. So please do not be shy and I will correct as informed. Thank you!

Are these Juvenile Western Bluebirds?

Western Bluebird?
We are alone everywhere we hike and picnic on this trip which is most unusual for this time of year. Cheers to you from beautiful un-crowded Julian!

77 thoughts on “Glorious Song Birds of Julian CA!

  1. there’s a similar quail in Arizona…the Gambel Quail…Don and I used to sit by the hour watching them 🙂


    • Woodpeckers are so bold in coloration. The size issue depends a lot on how zoomed in I am. When a bird is still for a few seconds, I can zoom in more. Thank you my talented friend~


  2. fabulous photos…isn’t the tassel on top of the Quail’s head cute…and the Woodpecker is very beautiful! Well, all the birds are beautiful those to are especially so!


  3. Magnificent photos Cindy, truly magnificent. What blessing is those colours. Utterly beautiful. Beloved nature.


  4. Hi Cindy,
    What you thought was a black capped chickadee is actually a dark eyed junco, Oregon subspecies. The bird with the white eye ring looks like some kind of warbler. Would have to look that one up. Love the pics


  5. I didn’t know there was a Julian California. Wish my Julian had gotten to go there back when we visited our son in Santa Monica and drove up and down the coast every year. I love California. Haven’t been back since our son moved to Cambodia.


    • My dear God. These photos are so bad! I have no idea what year this posted, but I will leave them here to prove any persistent person can learn to take a photo. Thank you for your help & Happy & Healthy New Year to you~.


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