Bathing Birdies: Julian California!

We are up in the mountains in Julian California hiking with our son. There is a creek where we are staying that functions as a water park for swminning birdies. Check them out:
These birds swim! They go underwater! Who knew?
Who knew hummingbirds swim? Not me! But check out these guys.

Do you think they know The Holler Hummers and were just trying to impress?? πŸ™‚
All sorts of songbirds are into aquatic sports apparently!

This is bird paradise!!
Sorry to be out of touch, but more mountains to climb tomorrow. Cheers from Julian & lots of wet birds!

64 thoughts on “Bathing Birdies: Julian California!

  1. I’m beginning to believe that all these creatures are photoshopped! It is amazing how many unqiue species occupy a single space. Each day seems to bring a special treat!


  2. These photos are enough to warm the hearts of your already adoring fans. The little creek that acts as an avian spa has to be the most fascinating place ever! I am smiling and going back to look again, Thanks for sharing and Happy Hiking! ~Dor


  3. Fantastic colorful birds!! Wow I wished they were in my yard!!! We have lots of crows and doves and woodpeckers, but I wished we had the bright colorful birds too!! Hugz Lisa


  4. Were there in your pond or did you leave home to come upon this scene.
    I was just about to get a shot or two of a pretty male finch visiting my birdbath when a push Baltimore Oriole dove and scared it away! What a brat he must not have gotten the message that at my place we get along or you move along πŸ™‚


  5. I counted a bluebird, goldfinch, house finch, robin, ruby-throat Hummer, and I think that’s all. Really interesting to see them all in one place and seemingly getting along w/each other. Usually one or the other gets territorial. Great pictures, Cindy.


  6. Beautiful shots of the birds Cindy, really beautiful. Very interesting to see the hummingbirds taking a bath and immersing themselves in the water so much, they are certainly not water shy! Great stuff, I enjoyed this!


    • Thank you so much James. I was really amazed that they would swim underwater completely! I have shots of them that are not so great photo wise, but are fascinating nature wise, of different types of birds completely submarining under water. Who knew? I thought only aquatic birds did this. Cheers & thank you!


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