A Tale of Two Cities: Cartagena!

Cartagena Spain

Cartagena Spain has been inhabited for over two millenia. It was “founded” in 227 BC by the Phoenicians. Cartagena de Indias in Columbia, was founded in 1533 by Spain and named after it’s mother city.
This is a misperception though, as indigenous people have inhabited Cartagena de Indias since 4000 BC. Hence, Cartagena Spain “founded” Cartagena Columbia, even though Cartagena Columbia is actually older than it’s namesake in Spain.
Are you confused yet? I was when I checked the recorded dates. Even if the habitation data for Spain is inaccurate, Cartagena Columbia is clearly the older settlement.
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Cartagena Columbia.
The important thing though is that each city does resemble the other, and each is vibrant, beautiful, and uniquely colorful! They are two cities made for walking and photographing. We visited Cartagena Columbia in 2008 and Cartagena Spain in 2013. Take a peek and enjoy the colorful street scenes.
Cartagena Columbia
Ancient amphitheatre Cartagena Spain.
Old chapel. Note how the sun makes the chapel glow with radiant light. Incredible!
Flower Market Cartagena Columbia.
Street with Cartagena Spain’s wonderful street lanterns.
Market Cartagena Columbia.

51 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Cities: Cartagena!

  1. The gardens are awesome.The display of fruits are very tempting,even a non-fruit lover like me wants to grab and eat them.The buildings on opposite sides look so close,it seems people on either side can touch each other.Thanks for posting all these lovely photos.

  2. I had a day in Cartagena earlier this year. Loved it, such a fascinating and colourful place which you’ve captured well. Did you go to the castle? There are great views of the whole city from there, including an aerial view of the amphitheatre.

  3. No, I’m not confused by any of it. Not only through reading, but especially through travel, we are enlightened by the truth of unfortunate events, bullying happened in the past.
    The colors you capture and treat us with is just amazing! πŸ˜€

  4. such an architecturally stunning city, and the colors are fabulous! We could learn a thing or two from European cities, when it comes to color!

  5. I wonder what Spanish tourists to the U.S. think of our “beige” cities. The colors are so outstanding in your photos, they must spell happiness for the people living there. You have been to so many gorgeous places and all imprinted in your memory. You are a true adventuress.

    1. Something odd happens to me when I travel. I become completely centered in the experience and it is very calming for me. My husband is the same. I get stressed of course, when negative things happen, but it is so transitory, like the the negative things. I suspect for certain people, travel is imbedded in their psyches. It certainly is for me. I am always exposed to the “different” and always learning and meeting interesting people when I travel. I just love it. Thank you for appreciating and recognizing this my perceptive friend~

  6. So much more colorful than American streets. Also, that first shot makes the world seem as if it is all structure! So high the buildings, and so narrow the passageway–lends an allusion there is nothing but these buildings. very cool perspective.

  7. Just goes to show the importance of checking historical facts thoroughly! Those streets are so brightly coloured and vital, totally different to our concrete cities πŸ™‚

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