The Street Art of Spain!


Park Guell was designed and initiated by Antoni Gaudi in 1898. Gaudi’s unique genius is on display all over Barcelona. He blends natural scenes into his construction. These trees are supports for pedestrian walkways that carry people through the park. Gaudi modeled this section after the Jardins de la Fontaine in Nimes France.

Spiderman Cartagena.
Street corner Cartagena.
Barcelona. Imagine seeing all of this along with the beautiful street music of the Roma.
Cheers to you from The Holler.

45 thoughts on “The Street Art of Spain!

    1. It is definitely worth spending time in Spain. Ancient ruins, Flaminco guitar, open markets, friendly people and color everywhere. I hope you do go! Cheers & thanks Fae~

  1. Great spotting of these wall arts. I am wondering they were painted by the owner of the buildings or someone came later and did them. The spiderman work would need supporting structure to paint that high. I am imagine.

    I like the street shot of the man playing the instruments. Nice shot of him.

    1. I suspect they may have been done by art students at the university? Just a guess though. That is an excellent point about the spidermen. Maybe a blogger will enlighten us!

    1. Oh, he is in for such a wonderful time. Lovely people, ancient ruins, vibrant colors everwhere. Just a wonderful country. If he has any questions, let me know & cheers!

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  3. Wow, the face on the wall in that second picture looks like it’s coming right out of the wall! You showcase a lot of talented artists, as well as lots of colorful scenes in your photos. The trees as part of the construction of walkways is unique and beautiful. Great pictures!

    1. I thought the fence around the face looked like a cage to keep him in!! Spain is just remarkable. Thank you Becky…..polish your lens and get ready for the supermoon tomorrow. I want to see it from your neck of the woods!

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