A Tale of Two Cities: Cartagena!

Cartagena Spain

Cartagena Spain has been inhabited for over two millenia. It was “founded” in 227 BC by the Phoenicians. Cartagena de Indias in Columbia, was founded in 1533 by Spain and named after it’s mother city.
This is a misperception though, as indigenous people have inhabited Cartagena de Indias since 4000 BC. Hence, Cartagena Spain “founded” Cartagena Columbia, even though Cartagena Columbia is actually older than it’s namesake in Spain.
Are you confused yet? I was when I checked the recorded dates. Even if the habitation data for Spain is inaccurate, Cartagena Columbia is clearly the older settlement.
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Cartagena Columbia.
The important thing though is that each city does resemble the other, and each is vibrant, beautiful, and uniquely colorful! They are two cities made for walking and photographing. We visited Cartagena Columbia in 2008 and Cartagena Spain in 2013. Take a peek and enjoy the colorful street scenes.
Cartagena Columbia
Ancient amphitheatre Cartagena Spain.
Old chapel. Note how the sun makes the chapel glow with radiant light. Incredible!
Flower Market Cartagena Columbia.
Street with Cartagena Spain’s wonderful street lanterns.
Market Cartagena Columbia.