52 thoughts on “Red Tail Hawk at Dusk Tonight!

  1. He looks like such a wise bird; like he’s been through a lot. That’s what I get from his piercing eyes.
    You have gorgeous photography, Cindy. You capture every detail.
    LOVE that sunset shot too.

    1. So glad you like. Thank you and yes he does look like he’s been through alot. They fight a lot in the sky and the raven hordes are always harassing them. One I identify in flight from his missing tail feather. I don’t know if the feathers that poke out are an injury. Maybe someone with more knowledge will answer these questions.

    1. They definitely are. I know birds sometimes do this when they feel unwell. I don’t know if the proturbing feathers are an injury. Calling bird experts to explain. He did seem sort of battle weary…..

  2. – I am assuming you are back home! 😀
    – We returned home Sunday. No comparison to the experience/trip you have taken. For the last hour, I was looking at your photos, and oh boy, I am speechless… Thank you for the high!
    – Congratulations, your posts are getting over 130+ likes. You are mesmerizing with your photos and stories.
    – Today I noticed… for some reason I was not getting your posts in my Reader. 🙁
    I revamped the follow button. 🙂
    xoxo Fae.

    1. Yes I have all sorts of problems with getting likes to register, not getting people I follow posts in my inbox, etc. Frustrating to say the least. I can’t wait to see photos/narratives of your trip. I adore the places you went. Such incredible beauty. Thank you my friend for your very kind comments. I am so honored to know you. Cheers & hugs~

    1. I would be so thrilled to have a hawk grab food from my hand! I have never seen this. Wow! Killing chickens, I guess that is nature which is often traumatic and would be painful to see. But then, we eat chickens too…….The predator prey interactions out here can be very rough to see…..

  3. Nice pictures, Thanks for showing us.

    When I was a kid I saved a hawk from the side of the road. It had been hit my a car. I built a good-sized aviary for it. It liked its perch. I would go to the river and catch frogs to feed it. (Boy, he was both vicious and voracious.) He must have had some internal injuries. Although he was eating well he passed away about three weeks later. I think it made my mother pleased to know that the hawk wasn’t living in the cellar any longer. I now must agree with her. I wouldn’t want one living in my cellar more than two days either.

    1. Oh what an incredible story! I would be thrilled to be that up close with a hawk. Isn’t it amazing what children will intuitively do, until they become adults? So sad he didn’t get better and fly away. Sad for you, the little boy~

    1. I was just at your blog. I am so jazzed to watch what you are doing with your house. I love this real time rennovation. Fascinating. I want to see the whole process. For some reason your post didn’t appear in my reader. Oh, and thank you too!!!

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