Busy Day at The Holler!

The roadrunner did his usual morning investigations and stopped for a nano-second to barely let me get this shot. He’s a very fast evader. He has to be to get away from all the Wiley E’s.
These little finches have left their nest and are almost ready to fly away, but not quite yet. You can see they are fledged, but still have bits of down. I didn’t dare take more than this pic because they froze in stillness when they saw me and I didn’t want to scare them. Their parents nest every year in our inner courtyard.
This is the nest they left this morning.
Some birds like the red-tailed hawks reuse they nests each year, but not the finches. They rebuild the new nest right by the old ones.
This little guy was scratching for bugs in his favorite spot….
The lizards sibs were sunning on a rock….
When this intruder sashayed in.
Resulting in many defensive push-ups in the spiny lizard community, but not much else, they were way too comfy resting in the sun.
The bumbles were buzzing.
The flutters were flying.
The hummingbird resting.
The bunnies eating.
DSC07468 (1)
When the sun set a fire on another holler night.
Sweet dreams from The Holler!