What to do when someone is lyin?


In this case I would just leave him alone.
Don’t you hate when someone talks your ear off?
Be grateful they don’t chew it off!
One little pig went out to play
With his soccer ball one day.
He had such enormous fun, that he called for another little pig to play.
The tortoise ran fast to catch the ball.
When the toad plopped down….
and ate it.

Cheers to you from The Holler.
(Photos From the San Diego Wild Animal Park)

54 thoughts on “What to do when someone is lyin?

      1. I thought that the animals were coming two by two – and then there would be an ark coming on a future post!!! πŸ™‚

        You have a remarkable way of capturing animals. It reminds me of the National Geographic photos.

      2. Hilarious! Noah I am not! You know I’ve been thinking of you. We are looking at going to Churchill in fall of 14 to see the polar bears. We are looking at Greenland also, but Canada seems more accessible. They are estimating that polar bears will be extinct in the wild by 2035. So unbearably awful.
        Plus we will be in Canada this fall. Have I mentioned how much I love your country?? Cheers and thank you for your kindness my friend~

  1. Now, if you had only put in a photo of a whale I could have rightly said ‘You were having a whale of a time’ with your critter photos. Well, I will say it anyway ” You are having a whale of a time!” πŸ™‚

    1. Rebecca thought at first these critters were at the holler. That would actually be WAY outside my realm of expertise! LOL. I am having a whale of time, even without the whales!! Cheers to you~

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