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Mortal Combat!

Notice the hummer spearing another in the head, amazingly I have never seen a hummer seriously hurt from the sparring although I imagine they could be. I certainly hear the sound of their airborne impacts, and see the missing and displaced feathers.
This guy is waiting to spear the guy from above who is about to attack him! Hummingbirds move incredibly quickly, but when they are in attack mode they move at warp-speed.
You can see evidence of the airborne impacts in the ruffled feathers.
Some seem disproportionately harassed.
Others position themselves for advantangeous attack!
The majority though avoid the fray and remain untouched. I suspect their aerial evasion techniques are even more evolved than their attack skills. They are simply phenomonal fliers.
This is of course how I prefer to see the hummers! Peaceful and radiant.
Cheers to you from the occasionally bickersome, but always beautiful, Holler Hummers~

Hummingbird Haven!

This bird is looking up anticipating an attack from above.
This one is also anticipating a volley from above. It always happens!
Can’t resist the hummingbirds. I have other stuff to post but I keep getting distracted by the hummingbird antics. Plus you seem to like them too, so, what the heck, I posted some more. They are incredibly fun to hang out with. They dive bomb each other, and their aerial feats of daring do, and in air squabbles, are great fun to watch. They incorporate me into their games by using me as a human shield to escape their foes. It is quite entertaining. Plus they never seem to actually injure each other.
This one got on the feeder wire to pounce on whatever foe dares to come feed. Pretty hilarious. They fly at super fast velocity when engaging in these games and constantly buzz inches from my head at intense speeds. Sometimes I involuntarily duck, but they never hit me. They are not just sweet, pretty, ornamental birds. They are intense aerial fighters.
This guy in the above photo is the one I misnamed as blue throated. You can see he has a purple throat. He is the non-local that is experiencing harassment, but he is getting far more assertive. Don’t you think he looks a little cross? I confess to interfering to the point of standing next to him at the feeder so he can eat in peace. What can I say? I dislike bullies and always go for the underdog. He’s gotten a lot of nectar. He needs to keep up his strength! Plus now he likes me and let me take a lot of photos. I know, I know, I am a really bad human, bribing the hummingbirds for photo-ops, but there it is, naked greed at its worst. Plus check out the pics! LOL.

After they have a battle, they retreat to the nearby trees to recover and plan their next assault. The purple throated one always squeaks at this time. You can see him hiding below.
Cheers From The Holler Hummingbirds!