The Ethereal old Mosaics of Prague!

The Municipal House in Prague was built in 1905 in magnificent Art Nouveau style with a stunning front facing mosaic (below).

Gorgeous old mosaics are all over the city of Prague (below).

DSC06015 (1)


DSC06010 (1)
Detail of mosaics on this building (below).
DSC06009 (1)

Old Town Hall (below).


Detail of one mosaic on building below.


DSC05999 (1)
Prague is a visual feast! Ahoj to you from beautiful Praha!!

44 thoughts on “The Ethereal old Mosaics of Prague!

  1. I know I have missed the trip details etc. Just wanting to know when begun and how long? It seems you are still on the tour.
    Just a couple of lines. 🙂
    Even a link. 🙂

    1. Let’s see, we have been traveling for a month now. Crossed the Atlantic by ship. Have now been traveling on our own for a couple of weeks. We have been to Gibraltor, Cartagena, Barcelona, Cinque Terre, Rome, Avignon, Vienna and now Prague for six dsys. We will train to Berlin next and stay there for awhile before flying home. I think I could keep going………..
      Cheers to you!

  2. Oh Thank you. How fabulous! Once in a life time. (or maybe the far east next summer?)
    So these few blog posts are just sort of a teaser because when you get home you will really organize the whole thing in to chapter and verse.

    You should be able to blog forever……..and ever! 🙂

  3. Hi Cindy,
    Those are mosaics??? They look like paintings…, so beautiful, colorful, and seem to be everywhere you look. I’d be afraid to go there. I’d never leave. The art and architecture are simply stunning. You’re oviously having a good time. When you get back, I’ll be expecting some stories. Enjoy !!!

    1. We leave today and I am reluctant to go. Would like to keep heading east to Budapest…..But we are training to Berlin. The mosaics just blow me away. They are literally everywhere and are just stunning!! Cheers & thank you and good luck with your move!

  4. melanietoulouse

    A stunning city, a must-see/visit… I miss it! 🙂 Thanx, Cindy!
    Hotel Pariz(Parish)=Paris… 🙂

  5. Liebste Cindy das sind ja ganz tolle Fotos wunderschön da bekommt man ja Lust da hinzufahren wünsche dir einen schönen Freitag Gand ganz viele liebe Grüsse Klaus

  6. So much color on these lovely buildings! It is a pleasure to see in photos, it must be astonishing to see it in person. Our gray in winter cities here in PA would benefit from more color!

    1. It’s mind boggeling to think that this art and architecture was created so many hundreds of years ago, some 1000 years ago. Amazing. Have we progressed much in art & architecture? I don’t think so……
      Cheers to you & thank you!

  7. Such amazing images. Thanks for sharing this magic. I have really not travelled extensively within Europe, but that color yellow seems a frequent backdrop to such vivid colors. Such beauty.

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