Prague’s Beautiful National Theatre!

The theatre is so remarkable and distinct, it distracts one’s attentions from the performance! It is symbolic of the emphasis Czech’s have always placed on art and culture.

DSC06539 (1)
This neo-Renaissance masterpiece was built in the last half of the 19th century on the banks of the Vltava River.


Interior details.
DSC06548 (1)

DSC06547 (1)


DSC06541 (1)

Ceiling in detail.
DSC06543 (1)
DSC06479 (1)
The performance, Czech composer Antonin Dvorak’s Rusalka, consisted of opera with classical and slavic folk components, and included modern dance and ballet. It is rarely performed in the west. It was a tour de force and held its own with the magnificence of the theatre. It contains the famous “Song to the Moon,” featured in the movie Schindler’s list.
DSC06556 (1)
Ahoj to you from the more incredible each day, Prague!

50 thoughts on “Prague’s Beautiful National Theatre!

  1. The colour in your photos and the detail are stunning. How much longer are you over there. I can imagine you will not want to come home. I want to just keep seeing more of your photos. Thank you for taking the time to show them to us.


    • The one thing I am truly at sea here with is the language. It is the first European city where I literally understand nothing verbally or written. I kinda like it truth be told. If you don’t understand anything, there is little to be concerned about!!! LOL! Thank you~


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    • Awww. This means a lot from you Fae because you have traveled, lived and absorbed so many countries, cultures and languages in your remarkable life. I think of you frequently here in Prague. You would have loved Dvorak’s Rushalda. Simply ethereal.
      Cheers to you my early and lasting blogging friend.


  3. What absolutely stunning pictures. I have truly never seen gold like that – so dense, rich.

    That statue of the young child with wings fascinated me – his face, so seriously set. So intriguing what inspired that, or was it seen in a dream.


  4. You are so right — there would be plenty to see there even if there wasn’t what looks and sounds like an incredible performance! I am especially taken with the lighting and chandeliers (since I’m always drawn to light and sparkle) — the artwork and statues are magnificent. Thank you so much for taking your camera — I appreciate you posting scenes from your journeys and sharing them with all of us, and I’m so glad you’re having a wonderful time!


    • That is something that cannot be communicated well in a blog post, but Rusalka was a magnificent opera. The best I have seen and I have seen too many. Acoustics were perfect. a marvelous experience.
      Thank you and cheers to you!


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