My First Blog From Prague!

My God is Prague gorgeous!! Everywhere you look is like magic fairyland! These first three photos were taken the first night from our hotel balcony.
DSC06057 (1)

DSC06050 (1)

The murals on top of the buildings are exquisite!
The astronomical clock was built in the early 15th century.
The rooftops are stunning.
The Charles Bridge views, just lovely.

Ahoj from beautiful Prague!

107 thoughts on “My First Blog From Prague!

  1. Stunning views! You are so right…fairyland! Amazing experience and I love that astronomical clock 🙂 I await the fairy tales you will surely be creating from your visit to Prague! 😀

    1. I miss being able to chat with people like you via the blog a lot. But when I get home, I will have more time. Thank you for hanging in with me and for your appreciation!

      1. Hey Cindy! You’re on hol! Nobody expects you to be “blogging as usual” when you’re on hol and it’s awesome and lovely that you still find the time and enthusiasm to do so, and share your fantastic experiences with us all, along the way! Relax and enjoy your wonderful trip and we will all enjoy sharing it with you when you can post and be waiting eagerly for your return when the time comes 🙂 Thanks for taking the time out to share with us all in this lovely way via your blog! Wolfie hugs 🙂

  2. Prague is suppose to be the city of arts and culture. I was surprised to hear from other that have been there. Lovely set of images–I’m sure that you’ll have more. Enjoy all that you experience.

  3. It’s nice to see such lovelys. Most of my associations with Prague are related to WW II stories and the bombing on 2/14/1945.

    You are getting the best pics on this grip. Good eye.

    1. Finally is absolutely correct!! How could I have waited this long!!! Our 7th story very old hotel room has a rooftop view of the city with a little balcony. I can take great shots up here. Tonight we are off to the opera, Rusalka with box seats! I heart Prague!! Cheers to you Fae~

    1. Oh yes. I hope you go soon and be sure to give yourself sufficient time. Prague has very large old cities and so much to explore. Cheers to you Lea & thank you!

  4. I want that clock, Cindy! Failing which, I’d like a working model… failing which (and more likely), to see it in real life (real time?)… What a great trip you are having. RH

    1. They sell working models of the clock, so maybe you should come to Prague. Today we watched the windows open and the characters move like the Munich Glockenspiel. It is absolutely amazing and beautiful so I share your thoughts. Thank you & cheers!

  5. melanietoulouse

    magnifique… Thanx for sharing! I’ve been to Prague twice and I’ll certainly return there some day, it’s only 2h-flight from Toulouse and dear “old” friends live in this unique city…

  6. wow…these are stunning buildings Cindy, I’m so thankful you are posting these…I’d no idea Prague was such a gorgeous city!!! Enjoy…

    1. Just tell them you are taking the long way to Disneyland and hop on a plane to Prague. LOL! ……On second thought, maybe take them to Disneyland when they are young and Prague when they are old enough to appreciate and remember it.
      Cheers to you & thank you!

  7. Have I ever told you, Cindy, that you take some really, really amazing shots? I don’t think I have, so I’m saying it now! You take some really, really amazing shots! It’s always a pleasure to look at your photography! 🙂

    1. LOL! Thank you so much Sahm. If the photos make you happy, that makes me happy. Did I ever tell you that your are an amazing poet? Cheers to you my friend and to Blu. Enjoyed her recent posts very much~

    1. Thank you so much for appreciating them. I loved your blog post about the boy scouts admitting openly gay scouts. Hooray! Progress in the direction of acceptance, compassion and love!!!

    1. Thank you Bailey! We are. You are such a smart cat! You must figure out a way to go with them the next time they go to Prague!!! Think Bailey think………

  8. Prague!! Lucky duck. Enjoy your time there, Cindy.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely photos of the city. The buildings, the bridge, the water, the greenery…it’s all gorgeous.

    1. Thank you, but really thank Prague. I think it is the most beautiful city I have ever seen. Heading over to your blog to see where your rambling too now…….Cheers & thank you!

  9. I have been living in Europe for 9 years and I have not been to Prague! But that’s fine, I have to say from your photo Prague is really a beautiful city. Hope you enjoy the time there =)!

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    1. Very kind! Thank you. I remember being at The Venetian in Las Vegas and over hearing someone say, “now that we’ve been here, we don’t need to go to Venice.”
      YIKES!!! Cheers to you~

  11. Wonderful Prague! Aren’t the spires on the rooftops awesome? I was over that way two years ago and can’t wait for another trip there again. You’ve captured some terrific photos of the architecture. Hope your trip is full of wonderful memories!

  12. Cindy, what lovely pictures they are so amazing, I don’t have an adequate volcabulary to describe how cool they are. Thank you for sharing them. I would also like to thank you for stopping by my blog and not only liking the post about meeting my MIL, but deciding to follow. I do appreciate your time. Please take care, Bill

    1. It is I who appreciate you. I so admire your bravery, honesty and humor in facing your adversity. Your blog is helpful to so many. So thank you and I am sending my thoughts and prayers for many, many healthy, happy, days and nights ahead for you!

      1. I brought my little Sony Cybershot with me last time, I wasn’t into photography like I do now… 🙂 I did posts then were for my colleagues and a few friends. <3

  13. That is just like me! I’ve only been taking photos seriously for about three years and my first real camera was a cybershot!! Don’t tell anyone!! Laughing…. 😎

    1. I love views looking down above the rooftops in old European cities. They look like miniature old villages. I am so glad you noticed and enjoyed! Thank you~

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