Street Walking Vienna!


Vienna is a great city for street walkers!

There is street beach volleyball. Yup. “Called Sand in the city.”
My new wheels. Charged it. Hope Jim won’t mind……
They even named a street after Paris Hilton!
Statues get in the way of traffic signs.
and birds……..
And then there is of course the truth. Vienna streets are incredibly beautiful and full of art wherever you look.


Lipizzaner Stallion in the yard.
Cheers to you from stunning Vienna!

46 thoughts on “Street Walking Vienna!

  1. Those Hohenzollerens knew how to party…as it seems their descendentas do. Loved the Paris Hilton Blvd. Amazing world around there, where artwork and ancient stonework lies around like litter in some cities. When I lived in Italy I hung out with a guy from Graz, where the Lippizaners are from, and was hoping he, my girlfriend, and I would go there…but he was going in the military and the beaches of Italy were more important. Great photos…and I’m so jealous.

    1. WOW!
      Love everything you wrote, “Where artwork and ancient stonework lies around like litter….”
      So amazing.
      And the Lippizaners who are so incredibly alive….
      Thank you for getting this post.

  2. Cindy, Your photos are amazing! You have to publish a coffee table picture books in volumes. One on birds, world cities, wilderness, and so on, with all categories you capture on your new and fantastic camera. I don’t write much so I wouldn’t take much of your time while you are travelling.Thank you for taking time from your valuable relaxing time to give us the ride too! Muah! 😀

  3. Wow, they really know how to sell those Ferraris. I have my credit card out right now. Too bad my credit limit only allows me to buy a t-shirt. haha. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

    1. That ferrari lives in a nicer home than most people, which, when you think about it is kind of gross. Still I wouldn’t hesitate taking it for a very hard test drive around Vienna……Hey, I have insurance…….it may even cover me for any mishaps that occur while test driving a ferrari hard in Vienna……Do you think I should go ask tomorrow to test drive it????? LOL!

      1. I would only get as far as first gear. After I grinded into second gear, they would revoke my test drive. Would be nice to just sit in it. Italian leather and all that. Good luck on the test drive. haha.

  4. Hi Cindy,
    The pics are amazing. We were headed for Austria about 4 years ago this coming June, but my heart transplant cancelled that. Now I see what we missed and still want to do it (after we settle down from the move). You have great taste in automobiles. Is that a Testa Rosa? The Paris Hilton sign was a hoot ! I’m still chuckling about that one. And the positioning of some the signs and statues is comically interesting. Keep the pics coming…, and keep on enjoying the journey.
    p.s. Jim probably won’t notice until the shipment arrives at the Holler and/or he gets the bill ! 🙂 Ha !

    1. I’m hoping the car comes before the bill so Jim will be distracted! Will email you to hear more of your move. I’m excited for you. Having to cancel Vienna is disappointing, getting a new heart and lease on life is incredible and I am so grateful you were able to do the latter, because of course the people who have the pleasure of knowing you want you around. Cheers to you my friend and cousin!

    1. I couldn’t just do Vienna because it is probably one of the most photographed cities in the world next to Rome, for good reason! The camera directed me towards what to take…..Nice camera. Cheers to you my friend and thank you!!

  5. Ahh Cindy fabulous Vienna the beautiful and you have captured it. I hope you went to see Straus waltzes and the horses performing. Any more horse photos coming? Fantastic photos

    1. Aren’t they the most incredibly beautiful horses! Yes I have more photos (How could I not???) LOL! I try to catch them at exercise rather than performing as they seem more natural. I saw they perform as a child and will never forget it! I hopefullly will catch some more photos tomorrow of them in their stables and exercise yeard. Yes opera, classical music, a library that knocked my socks off, museums, schnitzel…….Viennna has it all!!

      1. One of my most memorable moments in Vienna was watching those incredible horses performing. They float over the ground, and of course I adore horses of all kind

  6. In England the phrase ‘street walkers’ is sometimes used to refer to prostitutes… it took me a moment to understand what you meant! Or did you mean that and were being funny by showing the dogs instead? They were very cute.

    1. Yes, I was engaging in the pun! I got this hilarious email from my mom entitled, “I was worried you were photographing street walkers in Vienna…..So glad you meant dogs and horses.”
      LOL!!! I guess I lacked clarity.
      Cheers to you. Hope your honeymoon went well/or is coming soon.

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