24 thoughts on “Patagonian Birds!

      1. Thank you for the compliment Cindy, although I’ve only painted one bird your beautiful photographs make me think about looking to do one some day again!

    1. In Buenos Aires we stayed at the Sofitel Arroyo (VERY nice). In El Calafate (town near Los Glaciares Parque Nacionale) we are staying at the lovely Los Sauces, owned by the President of Brazil allegedly. In Ushuaia for the Beagle Channel and the Pampas we will be staying at Los Cuaquenes. You can google these places and check them out at tripadvisor. We haven’t gotten to the third hotel yet, but the first two were wonderful. This would be an awesome honeymoon & congrajulations! We fly inside Argentina from place to place on Aerolinas Argentinas (inexpensive). We have a rental car in El Calafate, but no where else. Hope this helps & cheers!

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