Buenos Aires Large Raptors & Cardinals, Oh My!

The Southern Crested Caracara, indigenous to South America with up to a 52 inch wingspan. An impressive raptor!





Here’s looking at you kid!


Red Crested Cardinal. I was just telling Jim, I have never seen a Cardinal before, and look who hopped by!


Some beautiful flora & tomorrow Patagonia!

33 thoughts on “Buenos Aires Large Raptors & Cardinals, Oh My!

  1. I am still dealing with a head cold, so the first time since to 80’s that I could not so did not get a flu shot and now feel that it is too late. plus extra busy lately. I tell you this to remind you that I go night, night very early plus there is about a 3 hour difference between us. However, each time that you ‘like’ a posting it gives me a reason to go to your blogger to find and ‘like’ one of your postings because you live such an interesting life.

    Remember I do not have a solid reason for Creator sending you your feather other than from that prayer. I am very interested in what Creator has in your future. This happens to me often, now I have the chance to be able to, with your help, see a blessing through from Creator? I do know that a White Feather has always been a good blessing for the receiver, much better than a dark black one. If you find that it is delivered by a Bird of Prey, HOLD ON!

    A Vulture is one of the Birds of Prey on my grandfathers sacred staff and sent as a protector, some think that it is ugly, I think that ugly is in the eyes of the beholder, they do a very much needed job for Mother Earth and her children.

    Florida still has no clue!

    Flesh-Eating Vultures Descend on Luxury Condo Building


    vulchers flying over building in Orlando


    We have our fourth generation of Cardinals as of two days ago however, yours is beautiful and well worth the wait. Each time one sees a new baby on a feeder wondering what the next step is, it is a blessing to the heart only made better when it gets its first seed!

  2. Cindy,
    You have been nominated for an “Illuminating Blogger Award”. Please visit my site to copy and follow the instructions. You deserve this for all your beautiful photos and travelogue, not to mention an occasional good recipe.

  3. Wow, I would hate to have that raptor swoop down on me, lol! That cardinal is beautiful — I’ve only ever seen the all-red ones. The flora there is beautiful as well, and you are really getting some great pictures! So glad you’re having fun!

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