Gorgeous Greece & Her Stunning Islands!

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This trip to Greece was especially memorable because we traveled from island to island on the Greek Ferry System. There were few tourists, lots of Greeks , and we were able to visit many lesser touristed islands. Our kids remember this as one of their favorite trips. It was a relaxing, wonderful time. We stayed in small, privately-owned, beach hotels, all of which had covered restaurants on the sand of the beautiful Mediterranean beaches.

Note: it is easy to book passage on the ferries before you leave. Ferries are inexpensive, full of helpful locals, and the scenery viewed from the ships, traveling from island to island cannot be beat!

Here are some highlights:


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greece 8 (1)

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Delosgreece (1)Mykonos

mykonos postGreece & her lovely islands are definitely worthy of everyone’s bucket list. Like most of our list, we would like to return to visit more islands!

This does however, create the delightful dilemma of an ever expanding bucket list!

Not such a bad thing though, is it?


35 thoughts on “Gorgeous Greece & Her Stunning Islands!

  1. Officially, Happy New Year, Cindy! 😀 )))
    Yes, yes and yes! These photos are fantastic! We traveled to Greece/Greek Islands in 2007 for 2 weeks (my first time), and just love it! Food was fantastic too (I bought 3 super cookbooks)! Have you been to Meteora? Fae.

    1. Hi Fae-
      No I haven’t even heard of Meteora! Is it an island? I so agree about the food. I still dream about the baked goat cheese……incredible!
      Happy New Year to you my friend!

  2. Great shots of a place I’ve always wanted to visit. I’ve heard the dry, clear air gives a special quality to the light there, and I can see it in your photos.

  3. Was in Greece twice in the early 60’s while in the navy, did set in a few restaurants overlooking some beautiful water and had fabulous food, yes that was my first time eating Feta or Chevre (french) or Goat Cheese. been hooked ever since. Not sure just where because everyplace in Greece is beautiful and they were quick trips.

  4. I love the colours and light in the photos. I haven’t got a bucket list because it would be so full it would end up too heavy to carry! Or too big to put anywhere 🙂

    1. Mine was like that and then it got really short which sorta scared me until we added more & go backs! So a long list is a good list. It means you still have a lot you plan to do!

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