in argentina

it is interesting

hiking in the pampas

in the peat bogs

in ushuaia

with the brits

who kept


to the malvinas

as the falklands

walking to the head of the line

talking to the leader

in spanish

i was glad to leave

the colonials behind

in the bogs

they have them too you know

those peat bogs

at home

in the uk

wooly mammoths are resurrected there

and bog people

who are very old

and intact

still one tourist

a little plump

fell into a bog

and had to be pulled out

by the leader

she almost lost her pants

in the bog

maybe they would have been found

a thousand years later

there are unparalleled oil reserves

in the malvinas

argentinians know this

and don’t appreciate

the commonwealth



taking their oil

and island away

one knew all this

and was ill at ease

hiking in the pampas

with the brits

in the bogs

because as an american

it felt odd

for a change

to be in another country

and not be the one

in the wrong

21 thoughts on “Argentina

  1. Paul-
    Yes, I will look. But I am going back in a few weeks to Patagonia for almost month with my new camera!!!Will be one week at the hiking location. It is knock your socks off gorgeous. I was planning on posting as I travel which is a lot of fun! Should be photography ecstasy with The Beagle Channel, the glaciers and pampas of Patagonia. So hopefully you will be looking at some photos very soon! Cheers to you my friend.

  2. “I really, really love” too, not just this post (though). But the amazing spirit of a sophisticated, and gracious world traveler in you! Thank you for the inspiration, Ms. Cindy! = )

  3. Great poem. “it felt odd

    for a change

    to be in another country

    and not be the one

    in the wrong”

    I like this line:) We are all guilty…

  4. Cindy this poem is brilliant – the subtlety the matter of factness, the empathy, the honesty and acceptance of culpability blew me away. And it speaks volumes for the kind of person you are, and it is probably because of people like you that we haven’t yet blown ourselves out of existence.

  5. So I’m here at the post where it all began for you. I have a lot of questions as to how you grew your blog. What plans are you on, because it seems a combination of both premium and business. Ans it seems you have opted to not have ads, I wonder why?

    1. Hi Gottfried! I was just over reading some of your posts and enjoying them. Regarding your questions, yes, you are correct, I have premium and business, and I don’t have ads because I don’t like them. As far as growing a blog, it came naturally because blogging is an interactive activity, where you get to meet and converse with creative people from all over the world, people like you, whom I never would have an opportunity to meet were it not for blogging. I love this aspect of blogging which is why it feels natural to me. Blogging enables me to become part of an international community of creative, kind people. Being part of this community is important to me. So if you are interested in growing your blog, do what you just did with me. Read people’s posts, make comments on them, ask questions, be interested in them and their thoughts, feelings and creativite output. Being interested in your fellow bloggers and what they produce is a genuine way to grow your blog and it requires little effort because it is fun. Trust yourself. You are already on your own path and your blog is great!

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