The Pomegranate Orchard is Blooming & Fruiting!

We have over 100 Pomegranate trees at The Holler. They are blooming and forming fruit now and I thought you might like to see some photos of the process. These are the initial flowers.


You can see the pomegranate starting to form at the base of this one.


Our pomegranates are organic and haven’t been touched by insecticides for at least ten years. Here’s a bug to prove it!


As a matter of fact, when we moved in, the builder had mowed down all the pomegranates, so we didn’t know we had any. Pomegranates share a common root system, and are a very hardy tree, so they just grew back, bringing up more trees with them. So, surprise, we now have a large orchard!

DSC08521 (1)

Flowers and newly forming fruit as it appears on the trees.


Here are some juvenile fruit, about as big as my first thumb knuckle.



We don’t sell the fruit, we consume it and give it away. I have been trying to donate poms to food banks but so far no one will take them. I think they imagine that poms are too exotic. Poms are healthy and delicious and I think a food bank would want them. Go figure.

I’d even include recipes. Necessity is the mother of invention, and I have learned to make pomegranate jelly, juice, ice cream, cakes, cookies, and smoothies. I use the seeds in salads, on fish, with Asian food, with goat cheese. The list goes on and on. Of course it is wonderful, just picked from the tree, cracked in half and eaten, with the juice running down your neck!

Poms have been rumored since ancient times to have aphrodiasic properties. All I know is that the coyotes eat lots of them and there are lots of coyotes! The bunnies eat lots of them and there are tons of bunnies! The birds eat lots of them, and there are lots and lots of birds! Plus, if Willy Wonka says it, you know it has to be true……


Cheers to you from the accidental orchard owners, and eaters, at The Holler!!