Azulejos II~

When we think of Portugal’s historical tradition of hand painted tile work,

we normally think of the traditional blue and white,

or Portugal’s unique and iconic blue, yellow and white.

But Portugal, historically, is more colorful than our imagination.

It is amazing to consider that each tile,

in this country of seemingly infinite historical tile work,

was handmade.

Artistic beauty,

created by ordinary human beings,

helps us,

recognize what we all are capable of.
Cheers to you from Portugal’s enduring art & artisans~
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80 thoughts on “Azulejos II~

    1. Maybe they were like professional chefs who are so tired when they get home, they have no energy to cook. So much old tile in Portugal is in and on private old homes, that I would guess they made them and placed them in their own spaces too. I hope they could.

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