Bruxelles: Ville de Contraste~

Brussels is a city of contrasts. Classical architecture and modern sculpture share the same streets. Consider this outdoor piece for example. What do you make of it?
(Warning: parental guidance, this post contains graphic depiction of the nude human form).
Nearby is The Palace of Justice, the largest building constructed in the 19th century, at 260,000 square feet.
It contains Belgium’s highest court and is considered an example of “Assyro-Babylonian” architecture.

Leaving this impressive building, one walks down the street approaching the police department, where this person is on display on the street in a store window.
It took me some time to figure out if this was a living person. I thought I saw her blink when taking the photo and was disquieted by the drain in the corner giving the piece a surreal, exposed, autopsy feeling. I wanted to give the woman a blanket as it was cold. Some children came upon this at the same time as I and they seemed very quiet. Turns out it’s a bronze by an artist named John de Andrea who seems to make a life study of “realistic” naked women. Interesting dude……Interesting city of contrasts.
There are fascinating rooftops.
Over the top gilded royal palaces.

And remember, it is Belgium, so you are always guaranteed fabulous chocolate!
Cheers to you from mind, and waist, expanding Bruxelles!