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    1. These rununculus came from Ecuador. I have never seen rununculus with such deep jewel like colors. There is even a rich deople purple that didn’t show up well in the photos. There was no photoshopping color here. All I did was tinker with the light დ

      1. Thank you for that information, Cindy. I am slightly colour blind, and a difference in shade of a colour can make it look like another colour to me. I see the purple flowers as a mixture of blue and purple. I see more than one colour in some of the other flowers too. Some colours that I see, do not have a name to describe them.

          1. It can be a problem, because I don’t see the red in colours sometimes e.g., purple = red + blue, hence some shades of purple just look blue to me. Dark green looks brown and light brown looks green, but only with certain shades. Something a bit more interesting is that colour perception is related to language, and the way in which colours are categorised. There were studies with the Himba tribe that served as a good example of this.

            1. The variations in human perception are fascinating. I love that when people look at the same thing, different people may perceive it uniquely. Intriguing that color perception is related to language. Language is after all a perceptual tool that we have to learn to use to order/eliminate what we see and perceive. Language is a perceptual eliminator and organizer. I would imagine your color perception differences can be quite challenging, but also wonderful in that they are unique and different. My twin grandsons are in preschool. They are learning their colors. Color identification is something that must taught.

              1. Males are affected far more than females, but it is passed on by females. Teaching colour identification is problematic with people who have colour vision deficiency. This is partially due to the difference in shades that I pointed out.

                Difficulties arise with colour combinations. Coloured text on top of coloured backgrounds can be difficult to read. Red chalk on a blackboard is invisible to me. On a PC monitor I would see it, depending on the shade of red. Wise web-site creators take colour blindness into consideration, because it is so common. I use hex codes if I want to use a particular colour, or to find out what a particular colour is on the web.

                It was not until I was using computers that I found out the extent of the difference in my colour vision, especially when I saw colour palettes with the name of the colour next to it. It is prudent to test children for colour vision deficiency as early as possible. Online tests should only be used for a rough guide, but they give a fairly good indication.

  1. Cindy – truly spectacular. You reminded me of a quote by Fances Hodgson Burnett: “If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.” Thank you for your amazing photos..

  2. Deborah

    Whoa, such large blooms. We’re on the verge of our first brush with winter, and it’s not even raining in California … or is it? Anyway, it’s time to start staying warm.

  3. Amazing how much nature knows how to be attractive. No secret. But still good to see. Thanks Cindy for tugging on the thread that connects us all.

    Hmm.. I should be jealous of your viewership, but no, just don’t have the heart for that. You are too much of a beautiful flower yourself.

  4. The great work of Nature and creation. One of the most beautiful captures of the Roses. Exact geometrical proportions on each petals. I seek your permission to save one of the flower image for my screen saver. Have an amazing weekend too CK. 🌹

  5. A flower, in all its beauty and innocence has more purity and power than mosr could ever imagine. All is well here, Cuz. Take care for yourself and….., 🍁🎃🍁 Good night 💤

  6. Really neat to see the pattern of the flower petals when looking at your close-up photo. It reminds me of a camera lens shutter, if the shutter was repeated many times over. Of course, the flower is prettier 🙂

  7. A hah, a ranunculus just as I suspected. They are lovely, Cindy. I tried again this year, to grow them but, alas, no luck. There’s always next year. Beautiful colours aren’t they?

    1. One of my most favorite flowers. They grow easily here, but I love peonies just as much and they will not grow here, so I well understand your frustration. I hope you have better luck next year ღ

  8. Anonymous

    It was a long delay in between your posts. Hopefully, you came back with very optimistic and encouraging post. Beautiful flowers!

  9. I think flowers are here on Earth for that reason.. To help power us through our day..

    They bring us joy and happiness, they are there at our birth, our birthdays, marriages, anniversaries. They are there to say sorry, to help us heal and get well, and they are there in our final day on earth..
    Yes… The Power of Flowers in Hugs… and these are fine examples xx <3 xx Thank you Cindy xx

    1. How beautiful Sue. Flowers are gifts from The Divine. “God’s visual poetry.” They comfort and lift us up. Provide proof that beauty is an integral part of every life. Thank you Sue for your moving thoughts ღ

  10. Eileen Norman

    As often as I can I have fresh flowers inside and usually some outside my windows where I spend time. When I had been working with a Jungian spiritual director and some major inner issues were being dealt with I had such a strong need to have some golden flowers that I spent my last $15 on some!!

    1. Yes. Flowers are nature’s magic. “God’s visual poetry.” How amazing and wonderful that you worked with a Jungian therapist. No wonder you and I understand each other ღ

  11. Charlotte Hoather

    I loved catching up with your fabulous photographs Cindy, the little photo of your grandchild under water was wonderful. Sorry to read about the local fire.

    1. Awww….. Thanks so much Charlotte. Wonderful to hear from you. The grandbabies are sweethearts. Happy you liked the photo. Hope you and your hubby are doig well my friend and thanks for stopping by დ

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