Off the Beaten Path: Aviero

Aviero Portugal (click/tap to enlarge),

is off the beaten tourist track.

Portuguese people often vacation here.

It is the Venice of Portugal, replete with canals and gondolas,

but quieter and more peaceful.

There are old Azulejos tiles all over Aviero,

many depicting the town itself.

Except for cars,

and wonderful street art, Aviero hasn’t changed much from the scenes depicted in the old tiles.

Cheers to you from peaceful Aviero~

Note: My new theme! WordPress tech support was really helpful in sorting out many of the aforementioned blog problems. So thank you WordPress support. You are appreciated!

222 thoughts on “Off the Beaten Path: Aviero

    1. I would say it is not a major tourist destination. It is not an over touristed place. People seem to tend to go the same main stream destinations which are now crowded with tourists and often unpleasant due to this. Aviero is lesser known and thus blissfully uncrowded and unspoiled. დ

      1. დ დ
        We are both using the same theme. I’m always blown away by how different themes can look when individuals customize them.

        1. Wow! Creative minds must think alike Resa. I had no idea this was your theme! I liked it because I could customize the header, and play the system to get the background color I wanted. I used another image to do this, set the background, and then swapped the image. It also had a pretty traditional page set up which I wanted. It took me eons to change/add/remove the widgets, get rid of cumbersome jetpack widgets, and streamline the archive into something visually simple. I finally like the result. The thing I still want to tweak is the font for the homepage, but I’ll do than in another lifetime! 😉 😉

  1. What a beautiful colorful place Cindy, steaming with history. What a privilege to enjoy this place in Spring, and so good Word Press helped you out, it is good when you get the right help.

    1. I eat at Chinese restaurants all over the world. If I see one, I am in it, ordering! I have never had bad Chinese food abroad either which is remarkable. I love Chinese food with a passion დ

  2. The top picture is the perfect opener!

    It was good to hear that WordPress support was so helpful. I did experience that several years ago, but mostly I am anxious that one day the platform will make enough “improvements” that it will be the end of my ability or willingness to change, and that will be the end of my blogging. Maybe it won’t happen like that… please God!

    1. It almost reached that point with me, where I was questioning whether the aggravation was worth it. I was trying to transfter so much content and streamline the presentation, and I had to get rid of so much installed junk, and pick among themes that carried more junk, and change them. The hardest part was getting rid of widgets that gooped up my site. I basically disemboweled jetpack which make hurt searchability, but I don’t like it’s junk cluttering up my site. I wouldn’t settle for it being subpar, but it was really difficult to do, and frustrating. I had to bug WP alot to get it done. But I do have to say they were infinitely patient with me, and I have learned quite a bit in the process. So, if it happens to you, persevere. And bug WP until you get it fixed! 😉 😉

  3. Wonderful place to visit with good seafood. I remembered there were some artistic cottage industries. And the place is still so clean and tidy. Your pictures are great, thanks Cindy.

    1. Thank you and, yes! The seafood is fabulous and all the quaint little restaraunts are so charming. It is just an all around wonderful place to stay დ

    1. Lisbon has some incredible tile and mosaics. I like all the different colors. The blue and white azuelos are just gorgeous. I did a post a few years ago about all the different major tile design color combinations. They are so varied and so stunning დ

    1. Aren’t they just wonderful! I love them too. They had this ‘horror vacui’ or fear of blank spaces, so they filled empty spaces with incredible tilework and mosaics. This is all over Portugal, Spain, andThe Middle East, and it is so beautiful. I always feel deflated when I return to beige and white America დ

        1. I actually did that once, a long time ago, just brown with blue trim, beautiful, like Mexican ceramics. The neighbors didn’t like it. I capitulated, repainted it beige and white. I have never bucked the love of beige and white since because it cost me too much money! 😉 😉

    1. You are so welcome Mark. Thank you! Portugal is an amazing place in so many ways. The less touristed parts give you a glimpse of the enduring living history დ

  4. Happy for your new theme & happy you, best of all. Easier on the eye and now I can read the comments without glasses. Yea. I chose mine for it utter simplicity. The sub-menu gives me all the page-posting I want/need, my blog + “book”. OK to more better stuff…

    First you made me smile, then laugh out loud. Add a quizzical look for a tail and there you go! Love the big pictures – how else to see the painting on those boats, from dour frowning lady, to lady with no shame at all. Oh, and I love a seasoning of real people too. Last, that yellowish building, fascinating. Yea, someone standing in the window – oh no, it’s a portrait painting – odd sense of humor that don’t stop there. OK, nice, those painted birds & shadows beside the balcony. Hey wait, is that balcony for real or just another painting – including the cat and bird up top. In fact, close inspection suggests this is all illusion, no windows, no nothing at all except for someone with a paint brush in hand. What a lovely adventure you made for us! Thanks Cindy. I enjoyed myself.

    1. You are exactly right. Incredibly observant, and you noticed all the fascinating and clever details that so intrigued me. Very hard to do with a photograph and not the real thing I’m impressed დ

    1. Thank you Margaret. We are finally biting the bullet and resuming more adventurous travel. Covid took the winds out of our sails, but they the sails are back up and the wind is blowing! დ

  5. At first, I read the headline as “avioero,” which means divorce in Finnish. For a moment – still groggy from sleep – I wondered why you were writing in Finnish…
    but beautiful place! 🤣

  6. Pennsivity

    Beautiful photos and I’ve looked at them over and over, …they’re so full of brilliant colour and architectural delight, …thank you for sharing these highlights of your trip, …✨🙏✨Penn✨

  7. Cindy, I’m so happy you got your new WP theme sorted out. Gee, when I first clicked on, I thought I was in the wrong place! It looks totally different, but refreshingly new. And the colors in these buildings are wonderful!

    1. Smiling…. Such nice thoughts Debbie. Thanks much. Cleaning up the site was truly a headache. I notice the PHP errors are still happening even though I was told they were fixed! Oh well, still pleased with the progress დ

        1. Yep. First, a distant Channel Island, then Quebec wilderness, then back to Antarctica, and finally Greenland. And then my bucket list is checked and complete დ

          1. All right… In that order? Isn’t Greenland closer to Québec?
            Bucket list? So you will now stay at home in your “cottage in the English countryside and write your Mémoires? 😉

            1. Actually yes. We are going to Quebec woods in fall to see the colors. Antartica in their summer, and then Greenland in our summer. So yeah, backtracking a bit…. We are going to The Faroes too to see the puffins.

    1. Love our theme discussions Alison. I chose Lovecraft. I got rid of so much garbage on my site while transferring content which was so hard. I could never have done it without WP patient tutelage, but there are still WP imbedded code/script errors that are beyond my ability to remove, and theirs apparently, which is disconcerting. I like things simple and right. I think I fixed my worst google site errors too, at least I am tracking right now. Working with google AI is challenging but logical and actually kinda fun. But that is it. I am done with all this. Laughing…. Happy I survived WP retirement, and you did too, Alison! We’re survivors. PS- I’m traveling again, Antarctica again and Greenland. Where are you off to next? დ

      1. Wow your theme change sounds so much more complicated than mine. Too bad about the embedded code errors🙁 I hope they don’t cause you any grief going forward. I can’t imagine working with Google AI – that’s so far beyond my capability.
        I’ve always loved WP and twice now I’ve had them help me with themes and they’ve been fantastic. Yes! We survived WP retirement!
        Antarctica and Greenland! How fabulous. We’re not going anywhere for a while. Enjoying Vancouver summer and will maybe look at something after that.

  8. I’ve always liked Portugal. Understated, even though they main language for Brazil is Portugese. Ernest Hemingway made a big impression there -in Portugal. Viva Portugal. You have brought out the “SPLENDID” in that country. BRAVO to you!

  9. Eileen Norman

    Loved Portugal….the history, the architecture, the natural beauty, the exceptionally kind people.

  10. Eileen Norman

    Loved Portugal: The natural beauty, the history, the architecture, but particularly the amazing kindness of the people.

  11. Deborah

    You mentioned in a previous reply about not passing up on Chinese. Sweet and sour pork, steamed rice, slowed cook all day. It’s 8:20 pm ET, you have an hour to make dinner, LOL. 😊

    If you’re going to Finland, make sure you bring your body armor. From what I understand, there was a run on body armor today on a rumor.

  12. Navasolanature

    Wow! You are in Portugal. My husband’s favourite. We are in Lisbon from 12 th to 15 th! Fantastic photos of a special place. Enjoy!

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  14. Fresh and beautiful look of your blog! I am glad, Cindy, you solved the problem with WP.
    Portugal is beautiful country and the Tourist Mecca. However, you always find nice, unique, and quiet places everywhere. 🙂

    1. Thank you very much Alexander. I agree with you. Porto for example, is beautiful, but over touristed. I like finding the less traveled spots. They are oddly, ususally the most special დ

  15. These photos are amazing. I was fascinated by the art on the gondolas. I looked up the translation for the first one. I think it’s, “I keep the marine tradition.” =) ♥

    1. How wonderful that you did that! I love the motto. It speaks to the long living history of this wonderful town. Amazing you thought to do this and thank you for sharing! დ

      1. Oh you’re very welcome! I don’t know if the translation is exactly right because I used Google Translate. Maybe “marina” not “marine.” But it’s so fascinating! ♥

  16. Looks lovely there Cindy😀I was advised by the travel agents that Porto in Portugal was a good holiday spot and also has a beach ⛱️ Ended up in Jamaica 🇯🇲 😀 but still thinking about Porto…now seeing your post, even more so! Never really planned to go to Europe but now Portugal 🇵🇹 is tugging merrily away at me seeing your post!
    I’m on the phone app so can’t see your new theme but once I’m on the laptop 😁 Very hard work changing the theme though! All the old posts needed rearranging and many were deleted altogether, so well done you!

    1. Porto is fabulous and worth a visit. It is however very touristed so be aware. You can get away from the crowds in Porto by going to lesser visited places and you can also vist other parts of beautiful and unspoiled Portugal and avoid the crowds altogether დ

      1. I had a feeling it might be somewhat touristy…I was enquiring about weekend city breaks at the time and it would have been my 1st time away. I’d never really considered Portugal but they said it had a beach and was a bit cooler than the other option they suggested in Spain (I cannot remember the location for love or money now!) Russia was my main aim so hadn’t given much thought to European countries but considered them for a short practice run and they were said to be safe for a solo female traveller 👍There was plenty to do there but not sure those countries are really for me. Besides, I speak Russian not Spanish or Portuguese so no language practice for me!

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