Toast ~

(click to enlarge) This blog is burning,

but, unlike California deserts,

there is no rain on the horizon.

The blog continues to be overwhelmed with WP errors. There is the unfollowed followers issue and there are now 26K+ and growing daily, PHP warning in my WP site logs linked to WP installed/managed plug ins.

PHP warnings are caused by unwanted errors in code or script. They are warnings that there are problems that are likely to cause bigger problems in the future.

Additionally, Google has identified 1.26K blog pages not able to be indexed by google due to redirect errors.

I am not hopeful that this will be fixed.

So, unlike the rain in the desert,

making wildflowers, rivers and waterfalls,

this blog continues,

to burn.

Cheers to you from the wet and happy Sonoran Desert~

Note: Desert wildflowers in order are: Bristlebush, Prickly Pear Cactus, Desert Willow and Desert Marrow.

282 thoughts on “Toast ~

  1. WP has certainly been glitchy. Some people I know recommends Substack, but I don’t know if I want to go there or just use the blog on my website. I will follow your blog no matter where you end up being! πŸ’–

  2. Wp can be so frustrating! Luckily we can still read and see your blog and hope they’re is a positive resolution to this

  3. We’ve had a whole bunch of new censorship laws in Canada, Cindy. Between big brother and big business they’re bound to mess it up. Not to worry, your photos are lovely and still getting through.

  4. Oh no, what’s going on with WP?! I’m so sorry to hear it’s giving you problems. I’d be so frustrated and upset. Yes, I can still see your blog. If any changes, please keep us updated.

  5. It’s so discouraging to be plagued with WordPress errors. Have the misnamed “Happiness Engineers” been able to help at all?

    I love the flower photos in particular. They’re always so cheery.

    1. I was ready for the happy ones. I had lots of screen shots! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ (Their default response is send screen shots). But when I tried to send the screen shots in chat, they became suddenly “unavailable.” Happy Mother’s Day Liz πŸ‘©πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘§πŸ˜˜πŸ’—

    1. Yes. I knew something was wrong with my blog and it has been going on for quite awhile. Happy Mother’s Day Eliza! πŸ‘©πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘§πŸ˜˜πŸ’—

  6. Your photos are so gorgeous and WP is such a dick. So many glitches and problems, it is disconcerting. Hope they do resolve themselves without any big issues!

    1. Cracking up….. I love the way you don’t mince words here Dale!! Now I want to quote you, “Stop being such a dick WP!!” Thanks dear one & Happy Weekend! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  7. You made more very beautiful photos, Cindy! So beautiful. I’m sorry that your site is having technical difficulties Cindy but the site operates perfectly on my end. Fingers crossed for you!

  8. I love this post … and iknow that I have difficulty even commenting or getting the Like button to work. I haven’t done anything on my own blog for a long time, sounds like it will be difficult if/when I do! Hang in there, we all love your posts!

    1. Hi Barbara! Wonderful to hear from you. I didn’t even mention the erasing likes issue. I didn’t want to sound like a complainer! I hope all is well with you my friend and thank you for your thoughtfulness დ

  9. Beautiful pics Cindy, Amazing how flowers bloom in the desert. WP is always a challenge with its primitive system and the fact that so many people are involved improving and changing script to so calledβ€˜improve’ it. My old boss use to say: If it ain’t broke don’t fix it’
    Many of us older mature bloggers are frustrated with the lack of information when changes are made, or errors occur due to someone playing with the script. The desert flower is beautiful Cindy.

    1. Yes. You summed it all up perfectly. The lack of transparency or information regarding issues creates problems for them with their clients (us) that are unnecessary. They do have a lot cooks in the kitchen, and a lot of bloggers to cook for! Thanks for your thoughtful comments. They are appreciated დ

    1. Smiling…… Exactly! Thank you Wally. This reminds of your comment to me when my house flooded years ago. You basically said, there are ‘bigger problems in life.’ You are prescient. My WP blog problems don’t carry much weight in the scope of life’s real problems. Stay well my friend and so wonderful to hear from you დ

  10. WP has indeed been glitchy (like my chrome browser). Are you on WP dot com or self hosted? Some bloggers have reported their themes are no longer supported. Besides all that your pics are exquisite as always, my friend!

      1. That’s actually good, Cindy. Years ago my blog went wonky and WP fixed it. My images were disappearing. It took them 2 weeks but I haven’t had any problems since. We all love your images and amazing photography, I’m sure they’ll get it sorted.

                1. Amazing we’re still here and plugging away. They told me they “retired” my theme! Thanks muchly. My theme needs to be more ‘modern’, like modern is better.

                  1. Anonymous

                    Dear Cindy, I just noticed this sad news about once more some WP problems. Hopefully everything got solved by now, but it is useless that those behind the organisation of WordPress do not come to see and understand that not all new stuff is appreciated because it often is not practical at all.

                    On some of my sites I got a notice to change to a ‘more modern theme’, though there I could only blog in the Gutenberg block editor, which is totally unpractical. For the reblogging of certain articles on From Guestwriters I am stuck with that block editor, so I am doing my best overthere. For the rest I keep to my ‘retired theme’ too. Your theme is a very good one, so I would also stick to that one.

                    Concerning the payement bid, I thought you and other subscribers would be having more impact. But when I look at certain reactions from bloggers, they also seem to be deaf to their payees.

                    In any case hopefully you shall manage to continue to offer so many people in the world your beautiful pictures without too many problems, and give them a smile on their face.

                    As Val Boyko writes: Your captures of nature overcome man made technical issues.

                    Thank you very much for continuing sharing all that beauty with us.


                    1. Strange also that my reaction showed up as ‘Anonymous” though I am logged in as Marcus Ampe. That is also one of those ‘particularities’ of WP I suppose…..

                    2. Thank you for your incredibly kind words Marcus. You are so very appreciated my friend. I am very sorry you are experiencing all this frustration. The “modern” theme requirement “update” reduces image size of photographs and data content in posts. It appears like social media online platform landlords reducing the size of online rental properties to tenants without notification. Besides all of this frustration, there seems to be so many kinks in the system, so many php errors, and plug-in errors, and other glitches. I got in discussion with WP about content moderation early on in blogging. I don’t think it made me popular. The connections I have made with wonderful friends like you Marcus, all over the world, have been a joy in my life my friend, and have made it so worth while. Thank you for your kindness Marcus and be safe and well დდდ

  11. I know that’s frustrating and worrisome, Cindy. Fingers crossed for you. I could tell that they had been monkeying around again, and they always drop plenty of wrenches when they do.
    Glad you got some beautiful rain. It’s been such a long time since there was any down here. Hugs.

  12. Vicki

    Love the flowers and waterfalls.

    I’m also sorry to hear about your WP difficulties, but with my own (WP probs) going on for months if not a year, I don’t see much resolution to my problems either.

    There was a suggestion that paying for a m/ship or theme would rectify some, but I don’t believe that either. If problems continue, WP might lose some bloggers altogether.

    Some blogger’s sites I have to log on to WP every time I want to comment and it’s got to the stage where the hassle and extra keystrokes for some one like myself who has chronic pain/fatigue health issues is tiring.

    Other WP bloggers I can comment on direct without having to log on for every comment, so I don’t believe it’s my computer that’s the problem. I conclude it’s something to do with the Themes or Templates bloggers use. I’m a bit technology challenged to its all beyond my brain capacity.

    1. This sounds even more frustrating than my issues Vicki. I am so sorry. It sounds like glitch after glitch. I know bloggers have reported difficulties leaving comments and likes, and of course being unfollowed. Paying doesn’t make a difference. I did that, thinking it would work, and it doesn’t. I’m sorry you have been experiencing this for so long. I agree with you. I don’t hold out hope for a fix დ

    1. I am so glad you haven’t woken up Bruce! Sleep is very good for you. Whatever you do, don’t piss off The Happiness Engineers. It will make them unhappy, and you more so πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  13. Ever since Matt Mullenweg stepped away from hands-on work with WP, they have gone downhill. WP is programmed in PHP with Javascript. It appears that some of the “happiness engineers” aren’t so good at their craft.

    I have noticed a lot of “likes” disappearing and uploaded videos not playing in the Reader. I have several videos stuck in the cache. Everything works fine on my direct site but, the Reader is a mess.

    I feel for you. I don’t know how much longer I will be able to blog. I have no desire to change my theme nor do I wish to shell out gobs of money if things keep breaking.

    1. Yes! The reader is a serious mess. It elimates people. And I have to rely on the reader to respond to people. Plus, if you bought a paid plan, which I recently did, it only make things worse. But, if you try to unsubsribe from your paid plan, they helpfully inform you it may likely terminate your site. Seems like a zero sum game to me. They win. I lose დ

        1. Actually, things are better. WP has located the plugin that is causing the problem and feel they can fix it. I have the business plan, and WP reminded me I bought it for the photo storage. I have already far exceeded the storage capacity of the standard plan.

      1. It is incomprehensible how they choose to place articles in the Reader. I did try everything to get you in the “Reader” system or to get a regular notification of your publications. This under my own name “Marcus Ampe”, whilst I also regularly check your writings under “Guestspeaker”. As such I try to follow you and adding likes as well. Though it is a pity, I did not manage to get a pop-up or notification in the reader when you publish something.

        Probably I shall not be the only one with that problem. I also have followers or readers who by moments do not get updated anymore, or somehow got unsubscribed.

        1. Yes. There are many options in social media platform toolboxes to amplify/de-amplify content. The reader enrollment, and notification of posts are just two examples. There are many others I have observed over the years. Some are transparent, like linking blogs to other blogs in the reader. Other content moderation is not transparent at all. I am noticing a new one, identifiers of new bloggers who like posts are eliminated about 30% of the time preventing one from visiting their site or knowing who they are. All of these things de-amplify and moderate content.

    1. Laughing….It is definitely contagious John. Don’t communicate with me ever again. It will imperil your website. It is more contagious than covid’s latest mutation, it is more like avian virus, or monkey pox, or all the other contagious doomsday threats πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. It is so very GOOOD to be back in touch with you Pauline! This was another WP issue. You should have, but didn’t appear in my WP reader. The WP reader is the only way I can stay on top of comments. And you weren’t there. I missed you and Jack a lot დდ

  14. And I thought I had WP issues. You win, sorry for that. BUT here you are, here’s your good eye imparting fair service to us all (many many). And folks that respond are in no short supply. Selfishly – I enjoy all your ineffable seeing. Yea, the quality of your photography is it’s simplicity, yet there’s more, the part not so oft found in others.
    If I were a bird, thinks me would perch on your shoulder just to see what you find.

    1. Ahh…. I am blessed with the BEST blogging friend like you Neil! This lovely comment touches my heart. Thank you sincerely my friend and stay safe & well დ

  15. WP is certainly being tricksy. It likes to decide whether I should follow certain people or not, and sometimes terminates a virtual friendship. They better not try removing you from my list of favourite blogs! Lovely photos here as ever.

    1. They told me my theme was ‘retired’ and may be ‘buggy.’ I looked up why they retire themes. They claim it is so they will look more ‘modern.’ Based on everything you see, are you thinking modern is better? I’m not, by a long shot! დ

      1. Exactly. And for some bloggers, a so-called modern look may not fit with what they write about anyway. Are you going to be forced to change by the All Powerful WP?

        1. No I don’t have to change my theme. I got a really helpful WP engineer. The PHP errors are not coming from my theme. They are coming from a WP plugin that WP is endeavoring to fix. I can change the theme if I want to update it, but I don’t have to. I am relieved and WP was helpful.

    1. Yep. You are absolutely correct. Jim says I should be quiet or they’ll delete me! If I get deleted you’ll know I didn’t shut up πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  16. Indeed dear lady, nature doesn’t have these things called php. It is a people thing, something so unnatural you could almost call it a permanent drought. But, if they don’t fix it, it will burn, especially in their pockets, and all it will take is another type of WordPress that works, and those many users will flock to where the water is and leave this unnatural desert to itself. The clock is ticking. But in the meantime, a beautiful share kind lady, at least your site is still flowering well. Thank you πŸ˜€β€οΈπŸ™

  17. As long as you can post your stunning pictures, we are very happy. These pictures are really amazing.
    I do hope WordPress can solve your issues.

  18. WP has its hiccups… I hear you loud and clear. to this date, I still have “things” that I can’t seem to fix.. like you… I keep plugging away.. hoping for the best. Life is.. right!

    1. I can’t believe the desert with this much water! I have been a desert regular all my life and I have never seen waterfalls and rivers like this დ

  19. I hate that you’re having so much WP trouble, and I wish you could talk to a person there about it. (Maybe you have, but I’ve never been able to do anything except through a chat.) On a brighter note your beautiful photos made my day!

    1. Chat, switch to email, parsing the communication potential down. But, on the brighter side, thank you both for your thoughtful words. They mean a lot to me. Stay safe & well დ

  20. Pam

    Wow, hope you can fix it, Cindy. CA got that monsoon sky river thingee that helped its drought. Hopefully you’ll get something similar!

  21. We have enjoyed the unusually wet year in AZ, CA, and now, CO. I haven’t blogged in so long I haven’t experienced the problems. Shoot, I haven’t even switched to jetpack. I hope things are resolved so you can keep sharing your amazing photos! If you move platforms, please let the faithful followers know! Cheers from Colorado! Lynne

    1. It is so wonderful to hear from you! I truly appreciate your most thoughtful comments. Thank you my friend & be well. Whatever you do, don’t switch to Jetpak!! The plug-ins are problematic. You are lucky to not have it! Cheers to you and take good care დ

  22. Hi Cindy – I have been away for a few weeks and just returned to Canada. My brothers in Alberta are in the centre of the forest fires so crossing my fingers for rain. I did not know about the WP issues – thank you for the update. As aways, it is pure joy to stop by your place and drink in your beautiful photography. Take care!!! Hugs!

    1. Puts blog problems in perspective doesn’t it, as in not at all important! I have read about the fires. The world is not doing at all well. I hate to think of gorgeous Alberta burning. Breaks my heart. Are your brothers in harms way? Sending love to all of you Rebecca. I am so sorry! დ

      1. My brothers live close to Edmonton and are still out of danger. The smoke makes the air quality low. They are hoping for rain. Officials have said that unrelenting heat and powerful winds have made the fight difficult thus far. We are living with climate change now. It breaks my heart, too, Cindy. Thank you for creating a space that shows the beauty of our world and how important it is for us, as individuals, to make environmentally sound choices. Sending hugs back!

  23. Deborah

    A mom’s day surprise. A new theme. Did WP force a change, or they changed it without consulting you?

    I am not surprised with the WP issues. Every time they’ve made changes with the interface, particularly with the editor and reader, they’ve created more errors. It is like opening a can of worms. Dad said reader has never worked properly since its inception. They wanted people to use reader though they heavily promoted themes, which they still do. The other sore point has been the editor. It used to be a WYSIWYG editor. As they added new features, it became more unwieldy to use. With the block editor, they’ve added so many features it has become difficult to use. At dad’s photo business site, they use a block editor system too. But, it’s not terribly overloaded with features to make it difficult to use.

    Regarding the unfollowing issue, you can add back unfollowed subscribers back through your stats page. In the top right hand corner is an oval with a number inside. Click on that oval takes you a page where you can add subscribers (new, add back, those you’ve deleted). All you need is a valid email address for that person.

    Nonetheless, I hope you’re having a good mom’s day.

    Dad says hi. He might send you a few pics from the undisclosed location.

    1. WP told me they ‘retired’ my theme so it is unsupported and may be ‘buggy.’ Seems like WP may be the ‘buggy’ one. I looked up why they retire themes. They say it is so they will look more ‘modern.’ I spent a long time customizing my theme to how I like it and I am not convinced that modern looks better by a long shot. Consider art for an example… I will check adding back my unfollowed followers. Thank you for the tip! The thousands of PHP errors on my site are from business plan, WP managed and installed, plug-ins. It was a big mistake to get the business plan. I thought I would get better service. Not! Please do have your Dad send the photos. Sending love and prayers to all of you! დდ

      1. Deborah

        You’re right about WP being the buggy one. We published a new post early this morning. I don’t know how efficient WP is in sending notice to our followers. I’m suspecting they’re not. I’ll let my dad know about the photos. Stay well.

  24. Hi Cindy, this is when I realize how far ahead of me you are as a blogger!
    Thank goodness you share not only your images but also your wisdom, both of which I treasure.

    1. I love this comment Sheila, because WP just informed me they ‘retired’ my theme so it is no longer supported and may be ‘buggy.’ I looked up why they retire themes and it is so they will look more ‘modern.’ I spent a long time customizing my theme. Looking around at the world today I am not seeing a lot of improvement with modernity დ

      1. Planned obsolescence – and I thought that was limited to tangibles – I love your theme and modernity mostly sucks. Very disturbing. I’m so sorry for the interference.

  25. I’ve got lots of WP issues, too! It’s one thing after another. Still, it works basically.
    Your pics are fab, Cindy. It’s coming through.
    I have other computer issues as well. I think tech is growing too, fast. It’s too big for its britches!

    1. People I follow don’t show up in my reader and they told me theme may be ‘buggy’ because it is ‘retired.’ I looked up why they retire themes. It is show they will look more ‘modern.’ Cuz we know modern is better right Resa??? Not in my world! Cheers to you my friend დ

      1. I had to change my theme a few years ago because it was retired.
        There is zilch support from WP when a theme is retired.
        I’m with you about modern, especially when they draw on old styles to create their new look.
        I also think – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
        Seems they break it so we have to fix it!
        Anyway, Cindy, I know you’re happy with your theme, but there is another one you’ll like.
        Enjoy some time browsing themes. If you do find one and switch, your blog might not burn down.
        What about one of those themes that has the wallpaper option? You have so many gorgeous photos… a stunning pink flower in the bg, or something you love.
        Charlotte Hoather did a neat thing with hers. დ დ

        1. Thanks for the helpful advice Resa I like Charlottes theme. Where do you find the wallpaper options? I have a business plan and I don’t think they have customizeable options on offer. I should never have purchased a business plan. It is the source of the PHP plugin warnings and it won’t let me have a reblog button. Big mistake.

          1. Fairy is the name of Charlottes theme. She has the Pro version.
            I know it’s time consuming searching for a
            It’s been awhile, but I had a peek. Of course they have made it more difficult to search. There’s no alphabetical order anymore.
            Wallpaper is now called Custom Background.
            OMG! My theme has the Custom Background feature.
            It’s Lovecraft.
            Type the name of the theme into the search engine. Make sure you have highlighted FREE.

            OR type Custom Background into the search engine. There are quite a few. Don’t forget FREE!

            The other thing is that if you like someone’s theme, you can find the name of that theme by clicking on the 3 dots where the “Following is” The name of the theme is in there.
            If the name of the theme is nit there, it mens the theme is retired.
            Or if there are no dots (like on your blog) scroll to the bottom of the post & it will say Powered by WordPress & the name of the theme.
            On your blog there is “Powered by WordPress ” at the bottom, but no theme name. That means the theme is retired
            I hope this has been a help!

            1. It is very helpful Resa. I opened a WP demo site where I can experiment with different themes without publishing. I am working on a free one now. I will look for the ones you mentioned. Helpful to know where to find the theme identifier on people’s posts. Thanks much! WP won’t allow exploring paid themes on my demo sit which is a bummer, as I found a paid one that I liked. I am picky about photo display and I am fiddling with this now. WP told me that I do not have to change a retired theme. I can keep it if I wish and it is not the source of the PHP errors on my blog so this is all a relief.

  26. It seems there are glitches with WP and Instagram – I find that I have “unfollowed” account that I am pretty sure I didnt unfollow – but it takes a while to realise that you haven’t heard from an account for quite a while. I love your photos of the stream in the gorgeous following cactae (cactuses – I dont know how to spell it).

    1. Yes, the unfollowed glitches, and the people who don’t show up in your reader, are particularly worrisome because you don’t know who it is happening to and you can’t reach out. They don’t know and you don’t know.

    1. I have been a desert regular all my life and I have never seen anything like this. It is good because it is helping the desert and because it is so beautiful, but it is bad that weather is becomming so extreme.

  27. It is the vagaries of Nature. The most beautiful objects always settle in the most inaccessible places. Thanks God, there are some adventurers who can approach these places and share all the beauties. Thank you, Cindy, for your awesome journeys.
    There comes a time when human discoveries begin to devour themselves. All these social media make so much headache lately, and there are no any improvements.

  28. Oh nooooo! I do hope you can get it sorted!
    Also, although I’ve had no errors showing up yet (fingers crossed!), I’m a bit worried, as my theme too has been retired 😒

  29. Soooo many beautiful photos here, Cindy! Thank you for sharing. I sympathize with your tech problems and hope you get them resolved though.

  30. Sorry to hear you’re having issue with WordPress – I’m still blogging here, but have also started to experiment with Substack as an alternative – I’m not sure how well that would work to showcase your photography, though.

  31. Your photos are lovely, but I’m so sorry you’re having troubles with your blog! That so frustrating…you would think the platform would know how to fix it!

    1. Thank you Dave. I have replied to this message twice, but the first didn’t show up, so you may see two responses. I am thanking you twice as much! დდ

  32. Such beautiful views of the so-called” desert. Always a lot of life in the desert, isn’t there?
    I hope your WP problems are fixed soon. The support staff is very nice but since they pick up the problem one after the other, it may take a bit. Just don’t let go… 🀞🏻

  33. Well shucks. I hate that you’re having issues. I hope WP gets them resolved soon.
    On the bright side, your photos are beyond beautiful. Hopefully, you’ll be back up and running issue-free or with less-issues soon.

  34. What a pain you’re having. Hoping it’s clear soon, after all, mercury retrograde has just finished. It’s safe to come out, lol <3

  35. I need your camera and ability to work it like you. I enjoy looking at your magnificent photos. Have an awesome day. What type of camera are you using!

  36. I’m in love with the delicate blooms of the Prickly Pear Cactus. I hope I get to see one in person some dayβ€”they seem remarkable. Gorgeous photos, as usual. I’m always so inspired when I visit your site. I hope the WP problems get sorted out soon. I’ve noticed some weird stuff happening with mine too.

  37. I know of another friend who is having issues with WP. I don’t think I have any plug-ins.
    I still work out of the ‘classic’ mode. I know one gal – they up and retired her ‘background(?) – so she sort of had to start from scratch.

    I hope all of your issues get resolved and calm down so beauty can return and cool down your blog. Thank you for sharing your images.

    I’d share more of my own if I knew how. Now I have a ‘smart phone’ – So I’ve been taking some cool images with it. But I haven’t used any filters or other programs. I have to clean up my PC’s memory first.

  38. I would rather spend time with nature than figuring out the internet…as to those followers, the numbers just add to my cynicism about society. I think I have about half a dozen who click like or make comments, a couple of dozen others who read and send me personal replies via email or chat when we get together, and several hundred who dropped by once, I assume, hoping that I would become more traffic on their sites. Rarely do they come back… Hence, just call me a prickly pear that blooms occasionally. πŸ˜‰ – Oscar

  39. Cindy, lovely photos of the California deserts. So sorry for the tech issues, but I’m sure they will be resolved. In the meantime keep doing what you do. So many of us appreciate it!

  40. Cindy. Gorgeous pics as always. Man that sucks about your WP problems. I’ve been having some issues too but nothing like that. I hope they get their act together soon. That’s got to be so frustrating! Wishing you the best, Niki β™₯

      1. Thanks, Cindy. Darn, I’m not getting notifications when you comment back. Hmm. I’ll check my email settings. Hope you have a great weekend. =) β™₯

    1. Ahh… Thank you sincerely Charles. I am truly touched by your kind thoughtfulness and friendship. Stay safe and well & cheers my friend დდდ

  41. Alright. Talk about being a straw in a pile of hay. That’s me today. Actually, second time around (maybe better than even the first). Caught your “like” on my latest (you know I do hope, how very very much I appreciate you – no matter what – you’re always there) (you touch my heart, you do). So I didn’t at first recognize the title of your latest post, so here I am. I’m fine, but still, I felt a thirst for something more. You are the answer to that. Every image, every one, answers me. You have a magic in you my friend, so must say thanks again.

    Well yea, isn’t WP a mixed bag. Their machine does do what I need, albeit awkwardly. They keep violating a basic rule – don’t fix what ain’t broke, and improvements shouldn’t damage what already is. Progress is a dirty word applied to them. But I do like my blog, designed for utter simplicity. Actually I don’t like, don’t use, their “block editor”. I go “classic” instead, & pardon me, ain’t afraid of a little HTML. Built my own website once, all from scratch, so no big bad wolf, doing code. HOWSOEVER me don’t like anyone who causes you grief. But All Considered… your abundant images, so beautiful, proving magic does exist, and no small cabal of followers by the dozens – I’d say, not bad for your woes. People are glad when you’re in town. ❀️

    1. Ahh…. I am grateful to know you Neil. Blogging is magical because it connects like minded people from all over this very small world of ours into a wonderful and unexpected community. Your thoughtful words touch my heart my friend. Thank you sincerely and be well დ

  42. Oh, one more time. This is probably my favorite post of yours Ever. The desert with water, brilliant. And the hummmingbird at the end, brings it all home, up close, personal like. The way you “see” is a gift.

    PS. A desert naturalist you’d enjoy I’m sure. Craig Childs. He loves the desert, writes very well, sees things we mortals don’t see. Any book he does is good.

    1. I read Child’s book, “The Animal Dialogues,” and was enraptured by it. He description of being stalked by a mountain lion in the desert is something I will never forget. You know what I like Neil and thank you very much for your kindness my friend დ

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