Off the Beaten Path: Kotor II

There were questions about Koto Montenegro, so here is another post, in the ‘Off the Beaten Path’ series.

A blogger asked if there were any interior shots of the church of St. Nicholas and here is one. The exterior of the cathedral is in this prior post:

Another blogger mentioned hiking the old city walls,

here they are,

extensive and remarkable to explore.

St. Tryphon’s Cathedral and Old Town Square.

Kotor is a wonderful place,

to get lost in,

and the best part is,

it is off the beaten path!

Cheers to you from Kotor Montenegro~

156 thoughts on “Off the Beaten Path: Kotor II

      1. I remember standing on the walls of Mystras near ancient Sparta. The amazing thing about those walls is that the drop-off below the walls made it nearly impossible to attack and because of the town being on a hill, you could see an approaching army for miles before they came close enough to be a threat.

        1. Exactly so and what an amazing sight/experience that must have been. Can you imagine building under these circumstances? Thousands of years ago? Our architecture seems to have devolved since then დ

  1. Wonderful place and great photos! Actually, I planned to go to Montenegro and especially Kotor in June/ July but then I hurt my knee. Thank you for taking me along virtually 😊.

    1. I am so sorry about your knee. I hope it heals quickly and you can reschedule your trip. I loved traveling virtually with you my friend & thank you! დ

  2. There are no hidden places nowadays anymore. However, many of them look as they are, because of there location, architecture, culture and style of life. Montenegro is one of them for me. Beautiful set of pictures!

    1. Exactly. Tourists tend to congregate in certain locales, while other equally, if not more charming and interesting places go unvisited. It is the latter places that I like the best დ

  3. So amazing to think that these buildings and the wall have been there for so long and are still standing and so wonderful. Thanks for sharing them, Cindy.

    1. It is amazing and it puts our moderne architecture to shame. Steel and glass, or hand carved rocks that last for millenia. I’ll go with the rock everytime დ

  4. I have always been drawn to old buildings and narrow streets.. Love the feel of those Old cobble stones.. Wondering how many feet have walked over them and who they were…
    Loved your photos Cindy.. <3 Thank you xx

  5. Sadly, the inside of that church doesn’t look too comfy! But I’m wondering at the clothes strung outside these buildings. I suppose that’s one way to keep little Monkeys from swinging on your freshly-washed jeans!!

    1. Smiling….. I think people live in apartments and hang their wash out their windows. It looks quite charming and I imagine people have been doing this for millenia დ

  6. Vicki

    All I can say is WOW, those old stoned buildings and laneways are fascinating. Your photos are excellent. Both in composition and bringing the town to life.
    Love the church interior.

    1. So appreciated Vicki. I love Kotor and I am so glad it shows and that you enjoyed the photo tour. Take good care my friend and thank you always დ

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