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  1. Goodness, that you live within walking distance close of these inspired blooms. You are a lucky human being – slightly jealous, but glad for you. Thanks Cindy!

    1. Peonies are one of my most favorite flowers and will not grow at The Holler. I had them at my wedding. It is very true, David Austin Roses resemble the multi-layered magnifence of peonies, but they are roses, and so beautiful. It is harsh at The Holler for sensitive plants. I am so happy they are thriving. I had to order them by mail and wait a year to get them დ

  2. Cindy, your photos are absolutely stunning. I have to share… they made me think of my dear grandmother Evelyn, who loved roses, so thank you for that thought. 🌹💗

  3. Our roses aren’t out yet. In fact it hasn’t been warm enough to get out and feed and prune my roses. A few didn’t make it through the winter so I’ll have to replace them. Have you ever grown a Whiskey Jack, then there’s the Tropicana. They are amazing.

    1. I am so sorry about your roses not making it through winter. That is is sad and discouraging. The only Whiskey Jack I know about is a clever Canadian Jay, but I do grow a Tropicana rose. What synchronicity! I love the colors. I grow quite a few roses and I especially love the oranges, peaches, yellows, whites and lavenders. I like Coco Loco’s. They are fun. They bloom full in a chocolate hue, and then turn lavender. They are strong scented. I love all roses! I hope yours are blooming soon. You know better than I, delayed blooms, bloom bigger! დ

      1. I must try your Coco Loco. The nice thing about Whiskey Jack and Tropicana is, they not only have gorgeous colours but intense scent.

        1. Yes. Agreed. The scent is so much a part of the whole intoxication package. Please do find a Coco Loco. You will be so happily surprised. I was/remain amazed by them, and they are thriving, which is not easy to do here.

  4. Gorgeous photos of the roses! Amazing that they have scent. So many roses are bred for colour, blooms, etc. and the scent is sacrificed.
    Lucky Cindy!

        1. I first ordered the roots, which came from Shropshire, around the time David Austin died. The New York Times, said at the date of his death, “David Austin, a self-taught horticulturist who upended the rose market by creating more than 200 hybrids that were distinguished by their broad color range, ambrosial fragrances and multiple annual blooms, died on Dec. 18 at his home in Albrighton, in Shropshire County, England. He was 92.” Dec 28, 2018
          They are in high demand all over the world, and so worth waiting for. It is the density of the delicate multi-layered petals that makes them so special to me.

  5. I’d sure love to get a whiff of those! May is a good month for roses in my neck of the woods… usually. I expect they will be late this year as so many blooms are, but I’ll have to take one of my neighborhood “rose walks” soon and find out! Thank you for sharing.

  6. So wonderful Cindy! I love the delicacy and fragrance! We grew several David Austin roses for years … and then a series of mega hot humid summers and freezing winters took the life out of them. Thanks for sharing their glory 🥰

    1. That’s sad. I am sorry. I am actually suprised and very pleased they are thriving here. It gets very hot in the summer which is hard on them. But they are healthy and disease free დ

      1. I’m been having difficulty getting into the reader, gal. Well getting in but it would not let do anything, at last I got through. Hope it lets me in again today.

        1. WP gremlins are a significant problem and challenge. I feel your pain and am sorry you are experiencing this. It is blog limiting. Take good care my friend & thank you for stopping by despite the challenges დ

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