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  1. Deborah

    They’re beautiful, Cindy. Are you growing orchids?

    Grandma (dad’s mom) grew orchids. They would summer out in the greenhouse, come inside into the laundry/utility room during winter. The Dino cat loved the plants. When we brought home Susie and Pinky, the orchids didn’t last long. Pinky would pull them from the bark media they were growing in. Grandma didn’t get upset or anything. She loved the cats more.

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    1. I am so very sorry this is happening to you. Other people are telling me this too. WP does not make it easy for us does it. Deleting comments and followers is awful. Thank you so much for persevering Mark. Your kind comments mean a great deal to me. Stay well and take good care დ

      1. Thank you kind lady, I most certainly will keep persevering. How could I miss so many lovely pictures of the world. It’s like cream and jam scones, you just have to keep looking to see if you can have another one πŸ€£β€οΈπŸ™

  3. They are lovely Cindy. I’ve never had much luck with Orchids. But…I haven’t given up and hopefully the two I have will bloom again someday.

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  5. Love’s true essence, grows silently, in rocks, in the cliffs the beauty resonates. The beauty, strength becoming, love’s delicate fragrance, in breathless blooms! A lovely share!

  6. Wow, just gorgeous. I love orchids! I have two orchid plants (yet again) that have failed to show new growth so far this year after blooming beautifully last year till near Christmas when the spent blooms finally fell. <3

    1. Laughing…. Not quite! The Holler is a bit rough for growing orchids outdoors. Indoors, another story, but these beauties were selling fast at a orchid show დ

      1. I’ve never put a photograph in a reply I must find out how to do it and get Mum to take me a photo, we bought her two new ones for Mother’s Day this year and she said we had to stop now because she’s run out of room lol.
        Best wishes

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