One Can~

make friends,


with onecan.

But toucans?


Cheers to you from one friendly can~

Note: This is a Toco Toucan. They are highly intelligent birds and are the largest and longest living toucans. They can live up to thirty years. Many types of toucans are endangered in the wild due to habitat destruction and hunting, but Toco populations are currently stable.

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  1. Thank Heavens, at least something isn’t being killed as a table delicacy or as a cure for some illness or otherr or even as a sex sttimulant. Lets hope they survive in good numbers.

  2. Toucans are such bizarrely shaped birds as birds go…LOL! But they also look like adorable stuffed animals. Thank you for sharing these handsome photos! πŸ’™ I’m glad the Toco population is stable. It’s sad to think of all the birds that are in decline.

    1. They like open spaces and have a large range, so deforestation doesn’t impact them as severely as other types of toucans who need dense jungle and have small territories დ

  3. Aren’t they just marvelous? Love their colors. It’s amazing to me that their beaks are almost as big as their bodies – beautiful photography as always!

    1. Amazing isn’t it! Apparently it serves multiple functions, it is a portable air conditioner as it stays cool constantly, it helps in reaching far away fruit, and it dazzles the opposite sex! It probably frightens potential predators too. Nifty big thing! πŸ˜‰

    1. It depends on the subtype. There are some smaller macaws. Macaws generally weigh more than Tocos. They are built differently though. Tocos are stockier birds with shorter tails. Macaws are more elongated and have longer tail feathers. Of course Toucans have that enormous beak დ

  4. These are fabulous. I’m sure you know…
    Whatever one toucan can do
    Is sooner done by toucans two.
    And three toucans, it’s very true
    Can do much more than two can do.
    But toucans numbering two times two
    Can manage more than all the zoo can.
    In fact there is no toucan who can
    Do what four or three or two can 😏

  5. Ok, as you know, I’m a bit plushie obsessed, so I thought the first picture was that of a cute Toucan plush. Amazing close ups!! They are so colorful with distinct features. Thanks for sharing information about these toucans.

  6. I had no idea their eyes stuck out so far on each side of their heads! But of course, they would have to, wouldn’t they. Just the right design by the Master Designer. Cool-looking feet, too! Thanks for such super photos, Cindy.

  7. We missed our opportunity to get a photo with a Toucan when we were in Mexico. I was so bummed. We were in the pool when a guy came cruising by with a Toucan. We did get to take photos with a gorgeous orange Iguana named Chester. πŸ™‚ Your photography is amazing.

  8. Excellent shots. Again. I would be wary of their beak… πŸ˜‰
    Tucans are quite unique aren’t they? They look liee they’re made of plastic. There still are some in Acapulco, believe it or not…
    Have a great week-end Cindy

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