Chasing Waterfalls~


has stunning waterfalls.

This one is a double.

Hawaii is experiencing a severe seven-year drought.

It would be a triple or more with normal water flow.

Maui in particular is suffering from the drought.

It looks more like drought stricken Southern California, than a verdant tropical paradise.

But, it is still beautiful Maui.

Cheers to you from Moloka’i & Maui~

222 thoughts on “Chasing Waterfalls~

  1. You are certainly getting around. Doors off on Molokai. Another chopper excursion around Maui(?)

    I believe they’re receiving less than half of their annual rainfall amounts. While the amount they’re receiving seems a lot for us on the mainland, for them it is a significant shortfall for them. A tropical ecosystem is much more sensitive to such changes. And, of course, they are experiencing the same water issues caused by growth and development.


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  3. It is still beautiful. I did not know Hawaii was experiencing a drought. I will be praying for it. I know when we were not getting the rain we needed in June and July, I was really concerned for the farmers, who are dealing with enough issues, but in August, we have had so much rain! I was never so happy to see the rain. πŸ™‚


  4. Our planet is getting hot in an unprecedented rate. Years to come may witness more of severe droughts ending these beautiful waterfalls.


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