Portraits: Water Birds~


are the most photogenic,


They need no makeup for their closeups.

No photo-shop,

nor artifice.

They are natural born beauties.

Cheers to you from the beauteous birdies~

198 thoughts on “Portraits: Water Birds~

      • I like their distinctive quacking as well, Cindy. I miss my visits to the park and river to feed and enjoy a moment peace with them, and of course I used to chat away to them. Hehe! ♥


        • The great thing about ducks, and most all animals, especially the wild ones, is, if you are a human who bothers to be still, not move, not talk, they will definitely try and chat you up. These animal chats are the best conversations I have ever had. I am super glad you and the ducks chatted. Ducks are discerning. They don’t just chat with anyone. Love to you დდ

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          • Thanks, Cindy. ON day I’ll get to see them again. I’ve been thinking of a disabled motor scooter. But with having to used the charger on the ground floor, I would get up to the 23th floor flat, and undoubtedly worry , something like; Did I turn on the charger? Did I lock the door? Snf rnf up do uncertain, I’d end up hobbling down to check.
            After settling down, I ofter thing did ?I lave the cooker on? Tap Running? Heater on? Lock the flat door? Shower left on? And end up just having to go and check. Might be a good thing, I get more exercise nocturnally than in the day.
            Haha! Taketh care, my dearest. ♥


  1. Such characters and all look like they have ways to keep cool. Sweltering heat here in Cabañas De Tavira by the sea. Love those elegant but also comical expressions with the egrets.


  2. I’ve got one image of a birdie (gull) at the shore one year. Possibly before digital…
    Anyway because of the light exposure the image looks like a painting!!

    Lovely birdies indeed.


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