Looks aren’t everything.

Acrobatic skills,

are more important.

The ability to debate is a also necessary ability.

It isn’t fair, but unfortunately is true,

looks often get you, more grape jelly!

Cheers to you from the handsome, skillful, and well fed Holler Orioles~

(Note- We are traveling now and will be out of the range of wifi for while. Stay safe & take good care).

106 thoughts on “Acrobats~

  1. Safe travels wherever your adventures take you! I know that your winged friends will look after the Holler when you are away. Isn’t it wonderful to be travelling again.


  2. Lovely as always Cindy. A good reminder that we haven’t progressed much on the birdfeeders… 25 hours aren’t enough in the day… πŸ˜‰ Also I’m worried about a big squirrel who crosses the lawn a few times a day…
    Hope all is well?


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