Looks aren’t everything.

Acrobatic skills,

are more important.

The ability to debate is a also necessary ability.

It isn’t fair, but unfortunately is true,

looks often get you, more grape jelly!

Cheers to you from the handsome, skillful, and well fed Holler Orioles~

(Note- We are traveling now and will be out of the range of wifi for while. Stay safe & take good care).

115 thoughts on “Acrobats~

  1. Safe travels, Cindy — enjoy your time away! Looks like the Holler’s Orioles are well cared-for (as, I’m sure, are the other critters that call your place Home!).

    1. Smiling….. Are you back from your sojourn in the southwest? We went out in the middle of nowhere today and found pictographs. Amazing. Not publicized at all დ

  2. Safe travels wherever your adventures take you! I know that your winged friends will look after the Holler when you are away. Isn’t it wonderful to be travelling again.

    1. It is wonderful, but it is still baby steps, due to covid. Alberta in on the board for late September, when the leaves turn. I am committed to going despite US testing requirements for re-entry. Hope all is well with you Rebecca დ

  3. Lovely as always Cindy. A good reminder that we haven’t progressed much on the birdfeeders… 25 hours aren’t enough in the day… 😉 Also I’m worried about a big squirrel who crosses the lawn a few times a day…
    Hope all is well?

    1. Bird feeders do feed a host of critters besides birds. ‘Squirrel proof’ bird feeders are the best for feeding squirrels, same with ‘bee proof’ bird feeders that get massed by bees, and ‘gopher proof’ plant protectors give gophers a challenge they love to overcome! I am well and hope you are too დ

  4. Gorgeous! I saw a Baltimore Oriole for the first time in my life a couple of summers ago–even more beautiful than they appear in the birding books!

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