These gorgeous huge poppies are bloomin’ up The Holler!

Also known as the Matilija Poppy, these are the largest flowers in the poppy family,

and they are the largest native California flower.

The blooms are 8 inches in diameter,

and the bushes grow to about 10 feet in height,

They are a challenge to grow, but so worth the effort!

Cheers to you & Happy Mother’s Day from The Holler’s Romneya~

223 thoughts on “Romneya~

  1. Happy Mother’s Day, Cindy! These are stunning. They remind me of a parachute that’s been opened (or maybe a car’s airbag). Hard to imagine flowers that immense!


  2. I really enjoyed this celebration of the Romneya coulteri, Cindy. They are such a distinct flower with their huge size and fried egg appearance. Your photos do a great job of capturing the crepe-like texture of them. Beautiful poppy.

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  3. Are they native or planted in your garden? It is gorgeous a bit north in the Bay Area at my mother’s home (though I have added 12 bags of mulch around plantings to protect the soil from direct sunlight… always a gardener, you know) – Oscar


  4. Hello Cindy, this is Charly Priest of the then blog Crazy Life, donΒ΄t know if you rember me, had to get of wordpress for quite some time and now with a new account… obviously, anyways glad to reconnect with the wordpress familly.
    Beautiful photos as always and interesting to know it grows up to 10 feet, certainly has to be a workout to take care of them (I worked as a gardner in my other life), glad to recconect with quite a few of you good people and really happy to have found you.
    Have a great day, Charly.


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  6. Hello Cindy! I apologize for this very late revisit. You have found another wonderful and gorgeous flower. Dont beat me,but at the first sight the white part looked like for me like a lost hankerchief. Lol I have some patterns in my mind, and its hard to erase them instantely. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for sharing these impressions, and have a great week! xx Michael


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