Happiest New Year~

To You from The Holler (click to enlarge),

We are having unending storms!

Deluges of Rain!

Happiest & Healthiest New Year to you from the soggy but happy Holler!

Note: If I disappear for a few days it is because our wifi antenna has shut down from ice and snow.

363 thoughts on “Happiest New Year~

  1. Amazing shots. I wish you an interesting and, above all, healthy year 2022 in every respect and I am sure that we will still be able to see many of these wonderful photos. LG Marie


  2. Best to you in the New Year. We are on the return journey.
    Fog and rain were at home yesterday. Not sure what weather we will arrive to… Ah Rain today but in the mid fifties. Tomorrow overcast but almost 60F!! I shall not speak of four letter words beginning with S and ending in W… least I jinx our travel 😉

    Best to you with your antena. Cheers ~Jules

    (Thanks for all the fun Gif’s – I’m not sure how to do them…)


    • It is so GOOD to hear from you Wally! Thank you for your kind wishes. I send wishes for health, happiness and peace, flying back to you and your family my friend. Hope all is well with you დ


  3. There’s one good in effurry storm, it makes great pictures😸Please be safe in the holler, Cindy!
    🎊Pawkisses for a Happy New Year to you
    and hope that all your wishes come true
    in 2022✨🐾😽💞


  4. Snow and ice, what is that? Haven’t had much of that this winter. We did have snow on NYD, which made for a messy day. Otherwise, it’s been a fairly mild winter season.

    Hope your new year has been a good one so far.


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