Bloomin’ Holler~

Rain is in the forecast,

for tomorrow.

It will be the first winter storm,

for the parched Holler,

and won’t be nearly enough,

but we’ll take what we can get,

to keep The Holler bloomin’.

Happy Holidays to you from The Holler~

Note: These photos were taken near The Holler, at The Vista Botanical Garden, Ganter Nursery, and The San Diego Safari Park.

255 thoughts on “Bloomin’ Holler~

    • Thank you Janis, and yes, it is more like dampness than rain. I’ll dance now too, maybe the two of us can make it happen, although my twin 3 year old grandsons danced up a storm yesterday and coaxed nary a drop from the sky!! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰


  1. Beautiful shots, Cindy!
    Wish I could send you some of our rain!
    B.C. alone got enough for all of us. Some towns are just gone. They say an atmospheric river fell on them.
    Crazy climate change.

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        • Your place is just a myriad of serious clicks more wonderful than here at The Holler.
          On our second trip, we stayed outside Crocodile Bridge. We passed the gate, drove to our house, we were greeted by the house cat, who hung around for awhile in the house with us. Jim who is a cat person, went here because I needed to, says to me, “We could live here.”
          And I am thinking, just 30 minutes into Kruger. I was born in the wrong place.
          In the morning, we told the owners how much we liked their cat. They looked really nervous, and said “We don’t have a cat.”
          I said, “Of course you do, it spent a long time in the house with us.”
          It was a South African Wild Cat, and it hung out with us.
          I fricking love where you live.

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          • That’s such an amazing story, thank for you sharing it with me Cindy. I think I live in a wonderful place, but it has gotten a bad rap so often, even now.
            I wouldn’t live anywhere else.
            I have only traveled to Europe and the UK but I would one day love to visit the Americas and see how the other half live.

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    • I look forward to spending another year with you my friend. On Monday my twin 3 year old grandsons will be making decorated Christmas cookies with me for them to eat and take home to their parents. Merry Christmas to you and your family Kathy დდ


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