To the desert, (click to enlarge)

following the clouds,

hoping to watch the rain,

bathe the sand.

The clouds came,

but not the rain.

La Quinta Resort built in 1926,

has seen many rainless days and nights.

Cheers to you from the cloudy desert~

120 thoughts on “Escape~

    1. Astro turf everywhere which isn’t necessary. Desert returning to desert, which has it’s own incredible beauty. Interestingly, there are natural springs in the desert. We spend lots of time at nearby White Water Preserve which has a robust year round running river and springs, that even in drought, support bear, mountain lion, and big horn sheep. There are others too. The desert is full of surprises, but the recycled irrigation program for landscaping has to end, unless the drought ends, which it shows so sign of doing. Thank you for caring. I wish we had a tiny portion of your water.

        1. Maybe Elon Musk, will pause the space race with Jeff and Richard, and ship some water to be used by forests and wildlife ravaged by drought ridden southern California. Or, maybe not.

    1. Palms are the ultimate amazement. Their seeds flying in the wind, know where to land, and send their roots, down, down, down, to the aquifers, creating life in the middle of the sand. I love the desert.

  1. Gorgeous pics, as ever. Drought where you are while here in the UK, the past few days has seen so much rainfall, several towns and villages in the north west of England and south of Scotland have experienced severe flooding… Here’s hoping our leaders commit to the measures necessary to avert the planet from disaster at COP26.

    1. Maybe an oasis in the desert is a better description. There is natural water here, but the irrigation is not going to be able to continue, even with recycled water, unless the drought ends.

  2. What a gorgeous setting to wait for rain and soak up the beauty of the desert, aided by irrigation. I do hope you get some of the rain that has been falling in other areas Cindy. Maybe a rain dance? 🌴⛈👣

    1. When I was booking the reservation, the reservation lady asked, “Any special occasion for this trip?”
      I said, “No, we just need to get away.”
      She said, “Spend time away from all the stress with your husband. Enjoy each other’s company. Remember why you like each other.”
      I said, “Uhhh, yeah….”
      I guess many people are feeling quite the same! 😉

  3. How I wish I could’ve sent you some of our rain, Cindy! We’ve had far too much, yet this beautiful spot hasn’t had enough. The architecture there is so striking — I love the tiled roofs and the stucco!

  4. Oh my goodness, Cindy, in my dreams I would LOVE to visit places like this. What gorgeous scenery and the architecture is sublime. Your photographs and your words feels like poetry, graceful and strong. Nature fascinates me eternally as more and more is revealed. Your part of the world is such a far cry from where I live. I thank you for posting this, feeding both my dreams and my curiosity regarding this beautiful planet.

    1. Your truly lovely and thoughtful words make me very happy I posted Amy. I am so gratified to hear the imagery feeds your positive dreams about our planet. Thank you my friend and be well დ

  5. I agree with the other commenters about your text/words being like poetry accompanying your photos! 💕 If only there could be a pipeline from the Pacific Northwest to southern CA bringing all the excess rain water…

    1. Thank you Teresa. I feel this intensely when I travel to a more rainy place (which is most places!) Let’s swap, my sun for your rain for a week or so. It would make such a difference დ

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