Holler Folk~

We have only the best sort of critters at The Holler, like this Western Scrub Jay,

and this always ready for his close up,

California thrasher.

Hummers are always humming at The Holler,

but for Bullocks orioles,

The Holler is just one of their many vacation homes.

The female,

and male grosbeaks, are also only seasonal visitors,

but baby house finches call Holler home.

Cheers to you from The Holler folk~

168 thoughts on “Holler Folk~

  1. I love finches. I bought a window feeder for our sliding glass door and every morning when the finches come by I smile. The picture of the female finch is beautiful, I think she was posing for you.

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  3. Those are awsome pictures of very pretty flying creatures! The baby house finch is adorable in it’s uglyness, like almost all juvenile birds. I know it’s natures aim to get them grown up, but one wishes some just would not. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. What a beautiful selection of birds Cindy, and beautifully captured ! Love the Western Scrub Jay, a very attractive little bird I have never seen. I saw your Spring migration shots, and they were so beautiful also, It is very refreshing to see birds from the other side of the world, and you have showcased them beautifully Cindy.

    1. Thanks much. Of course, in my humble opinion, you have the largest collection of the most amazing birds on the planet. I love traveling and meeting new birds. The people are fine too ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Ahhโ€ฆa lovely collection of the amazing โ€˜peckydermโ€™. Impeckable as always, my friend (เน‘ลโ‹–โ‹—ล) (โ‘…โšˆแท€แทโŒ”โšˆแท€แทโ‘…) (เน‘โ˜Œโ–ฝโ˜Œเน‘) โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

  6. Stunning photos as always, Cindy. Those feather details!! And lovely to see your baby finch in particular. We have gold-, green-, bull- and chaffinches around here, so sending lots of finch love from ours to yours! xxx

    1. Hi Frank. So good to hear from you! For some reason, only WP knows, your posts do show up in my reader even though I am following you…..Just more of the WP imponderables แƒ“

  7. Fantastic photos Cindy, so crisp and sharp! I was going to pick out a favourite but that’s impossible, they’re all really good. If you forced me I’d pick the humming bird as I imagine that would be the hardest one to photograph, well done!!

    1. Thanks so much Susan. Very much appreciated. I don’t use tripods. All my bird photos are taken with the Sony HX400 which has an adjustable lens up to 1200mm equivalent แƒ“

  8. Gorgeous bird photos. Glad you get to see all these kinds. As far as I know none of them come around here, so it’s wonderful to see them here in your pictures. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Aw, I love the baby house finch and his little stand-up tuft of feathers! You’ve got some beauties at the Holler, Cindy — thanks for bringing them close to us.

    1. Thank you so much Chris. The Holler is in rural Southern California. A holler referred to a humble dwelling in a valley in the Appalachian South, where residents could holler back and forth across the valley to each other because they had no telephones แƒ“

  10. Hi Cindy, I saw on your facebook post that you’re leaving. Are you leaving FB or WP? I hope it’s just FB. I’d go into withdrawal without being able to see other parts of the world through your lens. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Brenda. I am just leaving FB and Instagram. Not happy with their lack of ethics. I am not leaving WP. It is truly sad for me to leave FB because so many good friends are there. I hope they visit me at WP. No way I can leave my amazing friends over here at WP. Creative, amazing and thoughtful friends, like you Brenda แƒ“แƒ“แƒ“

      1. I stop by FB briefly once a day and try my best to ignore the marketing. It’s tough when friends share it, though. It was deeply unsettling in the last election how many people were sharing lies and distortions as if they were burning issues. So disturbing to know that that resulted from deliberate policies by FB to make even more money. I don’t blame you.

        1. Yes. FB profits from people who hate other groups of people. This has happened before, many times. I feel like this time it may be the worst. Stay safe and well Brenda. แƒ“

  11. I love these photos, Cindy. We have finches and blue jays but I have a terrible time getting photos of them. My dog follows me everywhere and warns the wildlife that I am coming. ๐Ÿ™„

  12. Youโ€™re the best Cawsmopolitan photographer, my friend. Impeckable shots as always.

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