A New Species~

These gorgeous creatures,

are Grey Buckeye Butterflies,

a newly identified sub-species, found in south western North America. The species was first identified in 2016.

Grey Buckeyes are genetically and morphologically distinct and from Eastern Buckeye Butterflies.

All I know is they are beautiful and I love having them here!

Cheers to you from the beautiful Grey Buckeyes~

For More Information on the identification of this newly identified species see:


184 thoughts on “A New Species~

  1. They are really gorgous, we have similar species in Germany with those ‘eyes’ on the wings but I don’t know the English name. Glad to have Butterflies, they are so important. Thank you for those lovely pictures Cindy.

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    • I think this would make the most amazing gown! I hope you design it. And yes, it is so horrible to hear the toll of our times on nature and the wild ones. Good news about wild creatures is far too rare დ


  2. Amazing patterns, amazing photos, and so interesting to learn about these new sub-species. They remind me of a giant moth that has visited us over the years, the crecomora, only the Great Buckeyes have a more complex pattern, and are flutterbyes, of course, not moths.


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