Black Beauty~

Great Tailed Grackles are fun birds to watch.

You find them easily by following their loud and distinctive vocalizations.

They chatter, sing, whistle and shriek. (I included a link at the end of this post if you are interested in listening to the diversity of their songs and calls.)

But mostly they sing like this happy guy. Grackles are always at least as interested in you as you are in them!

They are devoted people watchers.

Cheers to you from the cheerful grackles~

Here is a sampling of their vocalizations:

150 thoughts on “Black Beauty~

  1. Thousands of grackles roosted at the airport and occasionally one of them sought the heat of the terminal. I loved the reaction of the northern visitors who wondered about the exotic bird with the strange vocalizations. One used to sit on my desk…


  2. You’ve kinda made me like these birds! They tramp though the mulch in my garden and kick it out as they hunt for tasty bugs, so I’ve often viewed them as pests. You’ve shown how glossy black and beautiful their feathers are. And that they’re people watchers–never knew that!


  3. I love grackles! They are as smart as they are beautiful and full of personality. As a wildlife rehabber since the 80s, I’ve raised several from hatchlings, rehabilitating them back into the wild when they were ready. We have a whole flock of them who hang around our feeder and they turn out by the hundreds in spring and fall, singing, calling, and filling up all the trees — quite a spectacle. Your photos are amazing, Cindy, thank you for sharing.


    • How fabulous that you raised several from chicks. They are the most endearing birds, smart as you said, and also relatively unafraid and willing to come up to you and check you out! I love that დ


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