Hanging with the Herd~

I seek out solitary wilderness. (Click to enlarge).


when it comes to wild elk,

especially calves,

you’ll find me,


with the herd,

especially the nursery!

Cheers to you from Requa California~

135 thoughts on “Hanging with the Herd~

  1. Adorable. I am also a sucker for baby elk, deer, antelope etc. We had a pet antelope when I was growing up. (the mommy had died giving birth and she was orphaned so we took her in) Lovely pictures.


  2. What gorgeous creatures you have captured Cindy. Just look at those ears! Like the velvet soft ears of a deer. And the babies in the nursery! I spent my 30th birthday years ago at the home of my boss and his wife. My boss’ parents joined for dinner. His father brought a special dish for my birthday meal: a steak from an Elk. He was proud to t3ll us all that he had shot the Elk himself in Montana. I could not refuse to at least taste the steak. That would have been very rude. To this day some decades laree, I still feel guilty about eating such a magnificent beast. What a memory your post has awakened! Best, Babsje


    • I hear you and am so impressed that you retain the memory and your dissonance with the situation you were put in, and also admire your sensitivity and concern. I read a quote that Mark Zuckerberg likes to kill the animals he eats because “they taste better.” It’s good we won’t be invited for dinner at the Zuckerbergs! დდ

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  3. I have nothing against sheep (especially on the plate with mint sauce, wicked me…) but your animals are so graceful and I certainly wouldn’t eat one! (Can imagine indignation from vegetarian quarters…) Cheers! x


  4. Wonderful pictures. By the way, when I am on your site it asks me to follow you, however I am already and I do get emails when you have a new post. I shall press the follow button again though, just in case. There is certainly something strange with your followers.


  5. That’s what our small town of Gearhart (North Oregon coast) looks like sometimes. It’s calving season. Moms are okay unless you try to get too close. We have a large herd.


  6. Such gorgeous, fuzzy babies! Great photos, Cindy — they must know you’re not about to hurt them, or they’d have never let you get close enough to photograph.


  7. Wow! I have never seen Elk like these, Cindy. Ours, in the mountains of Arizona, looked a bit different gathered in the middle of the main thoroughfare. We’d get whole herds at dusk crossing roads so you had to be very careful. I never wanted to accidentally hurt one. Beautiful in that meadow.


    • They are so sweet and they do look like Bambi. I think the Disney illustrators were very talented and often accurate, except for roadrunners, who look nothing like Meep Meep! დ


    • They are pretty special, thank you Eliza. Today we hiked in the National Council of Garden Club’s Rhododendron Grove in the redwoods. This is the best time for wild flowers and the lilies and wild iris were simply stunning. So many species. I thought of you დ


  8. I love your photographs. I have been so busy in the garden, only now, when everything is growing faster than the weeds am I getting back to reading blogs with any regularity.


  9. Spent quite a bit of time in Point Reyes NP with the coastal elk hangin’ around. Crazy to see those massive animals just there amongst the pickleweed and scrub oaks.


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