210 thoughts on “Ode to Joy~

  1. The flowers are so gorgeous and shout Spring!! Ode to Joy is my favourite piece of classical music. The fact that someone who was beaten as a child, was deaf and suffered from depression could write a piece of music so full of joy is amazing. Thanks.

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  2. Thank you Cindy!
    It’s a beautiful bouquet of joy.
    The video brought tears to my eyes.
    We have lost so much. Still, I am thankful for my lot in life.
    Many on this planet had nothing left to lose. Or so we thought. Time to rethink everything.

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  3. Such colors, the flowers and musicians. While we miss live concerts, theatres, and museums (we actually were able to go to the Phillips Collection D.C. a couple of weekends ago after it opened – fabulous to have just our party in each room to ourselves! Now that was civilized way to view art), so much is now on the Internet from musicians to actors to art curators (The Frick Collection in NYC, one of my favorite house-museums has a Cocktails with the Curator series every Friday evening, and viewable anytime thereafter). Our holler to yours. – Oscar

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      • Is the little squiggly image at the end of our comment a personal signature? I am learning a new device & haven’t a clue where most of the usual stuff is hiding. Good that I will be seeing my 20-something niece and nephew is a few weeks. I expect some tutorials (not so fast… what did you just click on?)


    • Flowers, in cold climates that have to wait for spring, bloom most exuberantly of all. Beethoven had to wait for spring, look what he created. Be well my friend and thank you დ


      • Unlike Tchaikovsky or Vivaldi, whose works were dedicated to the seasons, Beethoven’s symphony is more about love, freedom and the rebirth of the spirit, and is literally not connected with spring. But the joy of the praise of the Creator, and the spring revival of life can be symbolically associated with this time of the year.
        Everything in life is symbolic. I do not take many things literally and try to find the meaning of being in symbols. What is faith in God? This is the symbol that humanity is trying to follow and build a happy life.
        Therefore, for me, Beethoven is always timely. IMHO.


        • You are sounding like Carl Jung, who I have spent much of my life studying. He was interested in universal human symbols, he called them archetypes, which many people intuitively know and feel, but others, for many reasons, may be disconnected from. For me, people like Beethoven, Bach, Handel and Vivaldi, were just so close to universal truths, their unsurpassed symbolic music just gets stronger and stronger over time. I took my grandfather’s boxed collection of Bach’s, ‘The Well Tempered Clavier,’ home, and listened to it all the time as a kid. It calmed me down. Handel does the same for me. Beethoven makes me cry. Vivaldi makes me happy. Tchaikovsky is cognitively complex, and I need to think less! 😉
          Love to you my friend and let’s keep listening. It pulls us beyond the temporal fray დ

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  4. Looked like “ode to spring” to me, Cuz. Spring is sprung here now. The Bluebirds have come to call along with the doves, and goldfinches (sp) . Hope all is well with you and yours. Hugs……

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  6. So incredibly beautiful it’s almost intoxicating! And presented like that in a simple arrangement in a simple vase with that sweet little twine bow, the beauty of the flowers is even more dazzling. Ode to joy, indeed! Cheers to you, Cindy.

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