Blooming Holler ~

The Holler spring bloom is on, and I am home to photograph it for a change, so I am going to post a series on Holler spring flowers, starting with these beauties. The Cup of Gold flowering vine grows prolifically, and the blooms are humongous, about eight inches in diameter.

Hong Kong Orchid Trees have stunning blossoms that blanket the trees in spring.

Matilija Poppies are one of my favorite flowers and are Southern California natives, with huge fried-egg blossoms, about eight inches in diameter.

Reliable African Iris propagate beautifully at The Holler.

Wild Stinging Lupine cover bare areas, are beautiful to look at, but not nice to touch.

The Californian Fuchsia is native to Southern California but I didn’t know what it was. I thought it was in the fuchsia family but was stumped with identification. So my talented blogging friend Eliza Waters, who has a degree in horticulture and is a Master Gardener, helped me out. If you don’t know Eliza, and you like things that bloom and grow, you may want to check out her blog:

Bougainvillea are touch and go at The Holler due to frost. This one is definitely a go!

Cheers to you from the Blooming Holler~

219 thoughts on “Blooming Holler ~

  1. all those bees going flower to flower,acting like gentlemen, the coming back for more, the life of a bee told in your garden of pictures, thanks for the thought, amen….wild of course, the bees fav…

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  3. I greatly enjoy your wonderful photography and news of the ever evolving and magical Holler. Nature is an incredible example and teacher about living life to the fullest! It’s not complaining about what it’s lost or waiting for “some day,” it just gets in there, blooms, and sings it’s heart out! Thank you Cindy for the gorgeous photography and wonderful reminder from nature about living life as a celebration and gift, even the challenges, in your own little patch on the planet 😁❤️☮️

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    • You are most welcome. I have seen the Californian Fuchsia growing wild many times, suspected it was in the fuchsia family, but could not identify it, which was atypical. I am happy to know what it is. It is a special plant to encounter on hikes დ

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  4. They are all beautiful flowers. In view of the big huge snow storm we are getting in the Midwest I think your images and flowers are a welcomed blessing and sight to see right now instead of snow and rain, but we realy need the moisture here. 🙂 so can’t really complain.

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  5. Splendid capture of spring flowers. March 12, 2021 was National Plant a Flower Day! Coming to the Holler was the best way to celebrate flowers all year round. Sending many hugs your way, Cindy. Thank you for bringing joy and beauty to my day.

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