Escapist Landscapes Pt. 1~

Feeling a bit stressed out these days? (The Beagle Channel Argentina).

Who isn’t? (Banff National Park Canada),

Let’s escape (Coastal Norway),

to peaceful places (Vancouver Island Canada),

and forget our worries (Zermatt Switzerland),

for awhile (Huahine French Polynesia).

I will do another peaceful images post after this (Yellowstone National Park),

because we all benefit from balancing negativity with peace and beauty (Grand Teton National Park).

Cheers to you and remember the beauty~

268 thoughts on “Escapist Landscapes Pt. 1~

  1. Ahhhhh… breathing a sigh of relief. ๐Ÿ™‚ Toss up here whether I would prefer to be at Glacier or in Polynesia, Cindy. Given the time of year, I’m leaning toward something tropical…. โ€“Curt

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  2. Such beautiful scenes. We all definitely need something to balance out all the negativity and concerns these days. Maybe I should put together my cutest kitten pictures for a different kind of escape!!

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  3. Ah, to see the world again. I spent Christmas in Zermatt four years ago with my niece and her now husband. It was wonderful. The Matterhorn is a delight in any light. Thanks for the memories. Happy holidays, Cindy, and the best for the coming year.

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  5. Thanks for the beauty, Cindy – brought back beautiful memories of Banff and Vancouver Island on trip with my parents visiting me from Texas when I lived in Seattle. And of course, Yellowstone. A childhood trip and then several times as an adult. Amazing.


  6. So beautiful Cindy. You sure lucked out with Beagle Channel – we went out in rough weather that evolved into a raging storm by the time we got back to Ushuaia where it had been snowing! Didn’t see none of them beautiful mountains ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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    • Oh dear! We were supposed to return for a third time in January, but that is of course cancelled. On our second trip the mountains were obscured by clouds for our boat trip up the channel. Our kids came with us so it disappointing, but the sun did show up before we left. It is a stunning place, even in the clouds แƒ“

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  7. Wonderful images. Lovely memories of places I have visited… and hope for the future I will be able to visit some of the locations I haven’t yet seen in person! Best wishes to you!


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