Black Beauties~

This gorgeous pair of red tailed black cockatoos was photographed at the Healesville Wildlife Sanctuary in the Yarra Valley in Victoria Australia during our February trip.

There are five sub-species of red tailed black cockatoos in Australia, with two sub-species under serious threat.

Healesville Sanctuary is dedicated to the recovery of 27 threatened native Australian species.

It’s animal hospital treats over 1500 sick or injured native animals each year, and it has an active breeding program for threatened species.

Although I was able to photograph other black cockatoos in the wild during our February trip, these were the only red tails I was lucky enough to see.

Cheers to you from Australia’s iconic red tailed black cockatoos~

For more on Healesville’s important work see:

271 thoughts on “Black Beauties~

  1. Oh wow, these are incredible. What gorgeous colourings. It’s so sad to read that two subspecies are endangered. Cockatoos really are very impressive and beautiful, and you’ve got some wonderful photos!

    Caz xx

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  2. Aren’t they simply gorgeous! Your bird photography is stunning, Cindy and a true joy to watch. Sending you good vibes from the coast of North Norfolk. We all hope to hear some much needed good news from your part of the world. Take care. x

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  3. OMG you were at Healesville!!!! I have so many memories of that place from childhood. I was born and raised in Melbourne, a real city child, but a fairly frequent summer Sunday outing was to Healesville for the day for a BBQ. It was my first introduction to real kangaroos, emus, and platypus. I’m so glad it still exists. Thank you!

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    • It is the second time I visited. I am so impressed with the work they do. It was especially moving this time as I arrived towards the end of the fires. How wonderful that you spent Sunday picnics there as a child. What wonderful memories this must conjure up. There is so much bird and wild life in The Yarra Valley too. I want to go back one more time and visit Kakadu.

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  4. Beautiful photographs Cindy, there is a very unique cockatoo in far north Queensland that is endangered to a certain degree called the red belly black cockatoo, a beautiful bird and highly visible when in flight, thank you for sharing your lovely post.

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  5. WOW!!! Those are just magnificent birds! Obviously they need sanctuary since their habitat has most likely been diminished by humans. I’m so glad someone out there is doing such good work to preserve them. Then there are the poachers. Sigh. There is so much beauty in the world for us to appreciate if we just would do that. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos with us.

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    • “There is so much beauty in the world for us to appreciate if we just would do that.”
      Yes. Imagine if we all would just do that. And endeavor everyday, to not make things worse. But maybe just a little bit better.
      Love to you Marlene დ

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  7. Wow! These are cracker sharp – pun intended. Zooming in I can see you reflected in the third image cockatoo eye!
    Thanks for following my blog, reciprocated – Ill definitely be back!


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