Colibiris del Holler I~

I thought it might be time to post some more Holler Hummers.

Hummingbirds in your backyard,

make everyday brighter.

They accompany me on my gardening rounds,

and buzz the camera when I am taking their photos.

If the feeder’s empty,

they swarm my office window until I get up and fill them!

They are quite persuasive,

for such wee tiny critters, weighing only .11 ounces!

Cheers to you from The Holler’s ever entertaining colibris~

168 thoughts on “Colibiris del Holler I~

  1. How did I miss seeing these beauties?? Oh, that’s right — we’ve had nothing but drenching rains for days on end, and I’ve been a bit absent from Blogland. Sorry, but better late than never — after all, the hummers are gorgeous whenever one sees them!


  2. They’re amazing little birds and I’m so glad you photograph them and share with us. We have nothing like these little birds in Australia (that I know of), but when you talk about flying backwards and upside down, it makes me think of Dragonflies.


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