Colibiris del Holler I~

I thought it might be time to post some more Holler Hummers.

Hummingbirds in your backyard,

make everyday brighter.

They accompany me on my gardening rounds,

and buzz the camera when I am taking their photos.

If the feeder’s empty,

they swarm my office window until I get up and fill them!

They are quite persuasive,

for such wee tiny critters, weighing only .11 ounces!

Cheers to you from The Holler’s ever entertaining colibris~

168 thoughts on “Colibiris del Holler I~

  1. These are absolutely stunning Cindy! I am obsessed with the hummers in my yard, but rarely capture the sharpness and detail of your photos. Would you be willing to tell us what lens you are using and your settings? Is your camera on a tripod?

    1. Thank you Susan and of course, I would be happy too. I use the Sony HX 400 for hummer photos. I am usually close to, or at full zoom, which is 1200 mm equivalent. I do not use a tripod.

  2. Fascinating captures of these little hummers, Cindy. We have three feeders to look after all the hummingbirds in our neighbourhood. Yet, I still observe all the negative human traits in them: selfishness, fighting, greed, and territorial obsession.

  3. We don’t have them here ‘down under’ Cindy which is a shame, I love them. To watch them in action on film is amazing though, it is like they are another being in velvety colors cruising through the air. Maybe an angel floating in and out of our sight because their vibration is so high πŸ˜€
    But I do thank you for sharing yours, whichever they are πŸ˜€ ❀️ πŸ™πŸ½ πŸ¦‹

    1. Yes! They are like visiting angels and they are so willing to interact with us. They constantly buzz my face practically touching my nose, and they will readily eat from hand. They are simply amazing დ

  4. I put out my first hummer feeder this year. Within minutes I had a hummer! It was the only hummer I’ve seen. I’m having to enjoy hummers from other people’s pictures because they don’t seem to be intrigued enough to visit here. πŸ˜‰

    1. They definitely like places where there is an abundance of food source in addition to a feeder. They need to eat bugs and nectar to survive. The Holler is very buggy! πŸ˜‰

  5. Breathtaking, magical, whimsical… such wonderful creatures, and you captured them perfectly, Cindy. I had two hummers last year — I almost always saw them together. This year I’ve only seen one alone 00 and not very often. Maybe they’re smarter than humans about social isolation. LOL. Hugs on the wing.

  6. Awesome photos. You and your camera are so impressive. So they now swarm until you replenish their meal and drink! Truly funny. We have bees and only a few hummingbirds who love some of our flowering hibiscus bushes/trees. I can’t imagine the birds allow you so close. You must use a zoom lens. Thank you for this uplifting post!

    1. I do use zoom, but they fly incredibly close to me on their own. I have photos of feeding them by hand, but I avoid this as a practice because it is not good for the birds. They will land on my hand and practically touch my nose with their beaks. They are wonderful creatures დ

      1. Cindy, lovely comment filled with information. I agree about best practices and not touching the birds. My husband has remarked that the birds nearby seem to not fear humans. Maybe these creatures sense we mean them no harm. Thank you for your comment and be well. oxox

                1. Ah, yes. Humans are generally fairly adept at evaluating others, but it’s another story when we attempt to honestly evaluate ourselves. This is much more difficult for us. დ

  7. Cindy – you are a remarkable photography. You capture the story of nature and share it with the world. A wonderful way to being my day. Always, always, always a joy to stop by. Hugs!

    1. Yes! Amazing isn’t it. The average hummingbird weighs about .14 ounces. Most of The Holler species are a bit smaller. They are magic bits of fairy dust დ

  8. How did I miss seeing these beauties?? Oh, that’s right — we’ve had nothing but drenching rains for days on end, and I’ve been a bit absent from Blogland. Sorry, but better late than never — after all, the hummers are gorgeous whenever one sees them!

        1. They just so are! There is one that constantly comes to my screened window, outside he flies so close and wants to talk to me. I don’t know he wants to say, but I feel so honored by his trust and interest, that I just stop, meditate and pray, and he keeps coming nearer. They are magical დ

  9. They’re amazing little birds and I’m so glad you photograph them and share with us. We have nothing like these little birds in Australia (that I know of), but when you talk about flying backwards and upside down, it makes me think of Dragonflies.

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