Aussie Picnics~

Are definitely the best.

The most interesting folks stop by.

Whats for lunch?

It’s an awkward question for me because I hadn’t planned on wallabies stopping by.

The good news is, they aren’t picky guests!

Cheers to you from Australia’s friendly wallabies~

201 thoughts on “Aussie Picnics~

  1. Words got around Cindy – these wonderful, wild, wily wallabies are in league with the picnic-addicted Rosellas. No outdoor food table is safe! 😀

    Thoroughly enjoyed perusing your photographs. I’m quite taken by these marvellous marsupials.

    Thanks for airing and sharing 😀


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    • They are fully wild and chose to come to us. There weren’t people around as we came with the rains, that put out the fires, so it has been an amazing experience to be with wild animals by ourselves.


  2. I´ll just comment on this post, Cindy you are a great photographer. I have no clue about photography or how you people do it to capture certain things at certain moments, what lenses you use or cameras e.t.c.I just love going back to your blog and watching that photography. Your photography. Thank you.


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